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You know, I'm just getting sick of this Rev Wright issue. Big deal. He went to church and his pastor said some extremely outrageous things. That doesn't mean he said them every Sunday. I agree with rex: even if Obama's not clean, he's NO Bill Clinton (or Hillary for that matter). Geez, guys, we could do worse than have to choose between a war hero and an educated, inspiring leader. Why keep attacking him like this? Calling him a liar with "canned speeches"? It just doesn't make us look good. Talk about policy issues, guys. Grow up beyond 4th grade bullying.

Comment Posted By Bonnie On 4.04.2008 @ 15:50


Hello! That was all so beautifully expressed. It says it all. Thank you so much. Your clarity gives me hope. Sincerely, Bonnie

Comment Posted By Bonnie On 4.07.2005 @ 22:54



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