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Me thinks Wretchard (until he stops using it I won't) will not be too worried about other folks opinions.

He seems to read his blogs comments and often answers questions, comments, and sometimes bile as required.

By the way, your brother led me here in his interview with Hewitt. Good site, smart bro. Held his own.

Comment Posted By BoghRD On 10.07.2005 @ 15:22


I would like to remind the brilliant EJ Dionne that had his candidate received 65,000 more votes in Ohio he would have won

with 3.5 million fewer popular votes than President Bush...

Oh, the mandate John (Vietnam) Kerry would have had...

Even more votes than Clinton...

What would the cerebral Dionne written then (I wait breathlessly)

Libs, Bush lost the 2000 election by fewer that 500,000 votes - less than the margin of error on our circa 70's voting equipment.

Kerry would have lost by an excess of 3.5 million votes - easily outside the margin of error.

My question, does EJ really want to continue counting dead pet and felon and illegal immigrant votes?


Get some ideas, candidate, and real live citizens. Maybe Bush will meet you halfway then...

Comment Posted By BoghRD On 10.07.2005 @ 15:31


The interview (live) was too aggressive and negative at the start. When your bother and Hugh started listening it became one of the best I have heard. I would really enjoy a long term (Mark Steyn like) guest relationship between Hugh and your brother. But only if Hugh treats him as a Center Left guest and not a wacko to be knocked around or beat on all points. Your brother is the type of individual that has value in the Democratic Party (he probably is one). He probably feels a bit lost when he hears Dean, Kennedy, and Pelosi rant about stuff.

Comment Posted By BoghRD On 19.05.2005 @ 14:32



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