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I would agree it's a matter of degree.
Yes,Maher,was absolutely reprehnsible with that vicious comment.Agreed, way,way over the top. Again, the product of a vicious, juvenile mind.
Coulter is a published author. Agreed. That is not a point to argue...I own nothing written by her.
My exposure to her is on Hannity and in the NY Post. That's plenty for me to get the idea.
Socratic? Not even close.
Let's Remember this: She writes, and speaks to, the "faithful".
In return, she receives her daily bread. And lots of it.
Let's not lose sight of the fact she gets "paid" like an entertainer, to spew her at times, ugly thoughts.
She does not represent "me" as a conservative, that I can assure you. I find her to be distasteful, and embarassing.
But hey, that's just my opinion.
Whatever good ideas she has, and being a conservative, I admit, she does has some good ones, get entirely lost in the mud she throws.
Don't confuse that with advocacy, or "debate".
To think we "need" her to counter Maher, or Moore, or any of the other folks in the opposition who revel at childlike antics is, well, childlike.
Ours is the movement of "grownups".
Her message, and his,if he has one, gets lost in the bile and vitriole.
The country needs to move on and find ADULTS to deal with hard, real world issues. Not name calling and poison.
that's what my 12 year old does. And what I did, in my youth.
We don;t need, Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Bill Maher, Ariana what's her name. No one.
We need adults, like Rudy or Newt, with ideas, and constructive actions. Doers... Not yappers...Positive action, No poison. That levels the playing field with the children on the left. We don't "want" a level playing field. We want to lead...and rise above that silly stuff.

Comment Posted By Bob Sledd On 4.03.2007 @ 13:16

We face many,many serious issues nowadays. take your pick, Illegal immigration, the worldwide war on terror, social security, medical costs...
I happen to be a CONSERVATIVE.
I find Ann Coulter's approcah and choice of words, despicable, and not helpful to the Conservative movement.
For the record, I also find the tired phrase: "You're a great American" an overused phrase that actually cheapens and dilutes the word "Great". We've become a nation of big TALK. We need to once again, be a nation of great achievments and just "do" it... Less talk, more actions.
I find Bill Maher and others like him,on the "left" equally despicable and NOT helpful to a genuine National debate on the issues we face as a nation, and as members of western Civilization.
Coulter and Maher completely trivialize any message or contribution they may have to issues by their juvenile approach to adult issues.
These are 12 year old tactics, not adults debating life or death issues for our collective well being.
I agree with many comments above.
Conservatives: REJECT Ann Coulter.
Liberals:REJECT the Bill Maher's as well.
Neither of them, or look alikes, are helpful or productive.
They are merely entertainers, playing to hype and sizzle. That is their business, and livelihood. They sell poison, and we buy it. We are their addicts, they are our pushers.
reject them all. Seek adults instead.

Comment Posted By Bob Sledd On 4.03.2007 @ 11:58



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