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I've had the good fortune to visit Normandy, France, and to see many of the important battlefields and landing beaches. And, I must admit that I became a bit overwhelmed when I visited the US cemetery overlooking Omaha beach.

I was traveling with a couple of Flemish ladies, both history teachers, who had accompanied me to the American cemetery that day. It was a beautiful day in late July, 1996, and there were many US tour groups there.

As we stood in front of a large monument, I was lost in the moment; looking out over the seemingly endless rows of crosses. It was a sobering and moving sight.

One of the ladies remarked; "There are sure a lot of Americans here today".

As I cleared the knot from my throat I replied; “Yes Lisa, there certainly are”.

Lost in the language barrier was my more subtle meaning; a double entendre. The approximately 10,000 fallen warriors there were all Americans, and they were there every day. They had paid the ultimate price for freedom; an act at once both unfortunate and necessary. This ugly fact of humanity is lost on many in our modern world; where the lines of good and evil are blurred by multi-culturalism, moral relativism, and our good fortune at having been spared such a cataclysmic, all encompassing, struggle over the last half century. It is a matter of fact that those soldier came to fight there so that the shooting war would never progress to their home front and directly threaten their loved ones; very much like in Iraq (a reality that seems to be lost on many Americans today). These heroes of freedom gave all of there tomorrows, so that I could enjoy fond memories of my many yesterdays; and so that their loved ones could live free, from danger, fear, and oppression, for all their days to come.

I don’t pretend to speak for all, but I personally salute their service, revere their sacrifice, honor their memory, and will NEVER forget the principles they fought for!

God bless all of those who were part of that heroic operation 64 years ago.
God bless the United States.
Semper Fidelis

Comment Posted By Bob Reed On 7.06.2008 @ 22:28


Obama is shocked...shocked that these terrible things were being said in his church....and, and, and, those people...they looked like they were enjoying it all....

Why, he had no idea that there were those kinds of things being felt, and spoken, there. After all, he only attended the church briefly...for 20 years, was married there, and, worst of all, exposed his young children to this vile hatred.....

What a pusillanimous, palavering, popinjay!!!

He knew darn well what the church's dogma was. He knew darn well what revs. Wright and Moss and Phleger were all about. Not only was it politically expedient for him to belong to trinity; it's warped, Marxist, form of Christianity, black liberation theology, conformed well to his red diaper baby upbringing as well as appealing to the ideals inculcated through his ultra left wing academic experience.

Oddly enough, this episode exposes Obama for the hypocritical, usurpacious, fair weathered friend type of individual he really is. His proclamation of being a new kind of politician, practicing a whole new brand of politics, is pure poppycock!

The only thing remotely revolutionary about his campaign, besides the Marxist idealism exhibit by his Che Guevara loving campaign workers, is his campaign's brilliant use of the internet to produce at times what appear to be an Orwellian mental synergy, and an ominous cult of personality reminiscent of the former Soviet Union. Otherwise, it is the traditional, opportunistic politics of useful friendships, sordid cloakroom dealings, and vote purchasing constituent pay-offs.

Most of the mainstream media will herald this as a "bold" move that will afford Obama a "fresh" start, unencumbered by any stigma of radical racist associations. In the usual fashion, they will declare that "the debate is over" and "the matter is closed". Any attempt to question him about his 20 years there will be dismissed as "dwelling on the past" or the perfunctory "distraction from the important issues".

What's really important is that if the tables were turned, and Maverick had sat idly by listening to the pontifications of the grand poo-bah of the KKK, or some other white supremacist, he would have been TOAST long ago. Not only do the mainstream media tolerate reverse racism, most outlets are actively engaged in trying to get Obama elected. I wonder if they really believe in him, or are they emulating the head of the Illinois state legislature; the man who decided he would play king maker and get Obama elected to the US senate.

Exit question; are the mainstream media wanna-be king makers or simply useful idiots; I’ll let you decide.............

Comment Posted By Bob Reed On 1.06.2008 @ 14:49



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