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I don't think most Republicans have a problem with "moderates" per se. The problem has to do with mentality and attitude.
People like Specter and McCain, whatever their ideology, spend way too much time criticizing their "own". They never seemed to show any anger towards those who were supposed to be their political opponents. Rudy Giuliani is at least a moderate, and he seems to be safely ensconsed in the GOP, mostly because he shows disdain for the other side, he doesn't belittle his own supporters.
As for Specter, his defection has nothing to do with ideology. He was perfectly fine cavorting with those despicable conservatives as long as they were voting for him, now they are tired of his act, so he takes off and badmouths them in the process...IT IS HE WHO IS THE DISGUSTING ONE.

Comment Posted By Blockhead On 4.05.2009 @ 14:10

Moderates? Who Needs 'em

On your "moderate" argument, you contradict yourself. If putting forth moderates is such a good idea for the GOP, why do moderates keep losing in general elections? They aren't losing to more conservative candidates in the primaries.
Also, have you noticed how those so-called moderate Democrats have been voting? There is no room for moderates in the Democrat party, either. When's the last time "pro-life" Harry Reid bucked his party on an abortion vote?

Let's keep it real, please brother.

Comment Posted By Blockhead On 30.04.2009 @ 13:11



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