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Looney Lib spotting via Drudge and Protein Wisdom. Star Jones (who didn't have surgery and whose husband is not gay) wants to make a deal with OBL.

"Yesterday, the co-host of ABC’s THE VIEW told viewers during a discussion of bin Laden’s latest audio tape:

“People make deals with the devil all the time. We make deals with people we don’t like,” she said.

“You don’t negotiate with terrorists,” said Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the show’s youngest host.

“You don’t negotiate,” Jones interrupted, “but I do think you figure out when there is a solution that’s diplomatic that doesn’t result in [loss of] human life.

“What do we have to lose to check it out?” Star said.

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It is really amazing to me that the people who spent the last 3 weeks trashing the president and his friend now expect him to select their preferred candidate. seems to me that Luttig, McConnell, et al just got assigned to the trash bin along with Miers.

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