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Back in your box troll,from the Bushie had to go crying to daddy to come fix his mess looks like you do more than speak with forked
tonuge white eye!!

Comment Posted By Black Elk On 15.10.2006 @ 22:51

Whats with the litle white box with the red x???
Damn does that mean the tinfoil hat gang is out to
get me or does white man speak with forked tonuge!!

Comment Posted By Black Elk On 15.10.2006 @ 19:37

Lets face the facts there have been major mistakes made in fighting
this war,leadership is key, some of the flag officers qualifications
are more than suspect...Trying to fight a political correct war
boarders on the insane and gets fine troops killed for nothing and
make that clear killed for nothing...Collateral damage scares the
hell out of this administration and thats what scares the hell out
of me,you go to war to win not to play games and collateral damage
be damned, if the rest of the world is P/O at us to damned bad
they can K O A...As for more troops on the ground you bet your sweet
a$$ it would have made a difference, we should have and could have
smashed those clowns into dust...We didn't win WW-2 by playing games
and wasting the troops lives we broke the enemys will to fight,how,
by killing mass numbers of the SOB's. We have the finest bunch of
Troops in the world and its a bloody shame if we let them down
and I just love the statement we need to promote grassroots
nonviolent political activism,man you don't have a clue what these
folks are about!!!! I have a Brother-inlaw that is a Muslim from
Pakistan and when the radicals say convert to Islam or die belive
me they arn't screwing around..while your at it check out what the
MSM is not reporting that is going on right now in Francr,Sweden
Denmark and England,check it out and see if your grassroots B/S will
work with those folks!!

Comment Posted By Black Elk On 15.10.2006 @ 19:32

Some how this country has forgoten how to finish what we start
from Korea through Iraq and Afgahnistan...The problem this time
is if we pull out now we are in big trouble,the s**t will hit the
fan,lets face it these folks are not the Germans,Japs or VC they
have no fear of death,they will not quit till they are smashed into
dust...I have a little cut and paste that is point on to bad dubya
has Jim Baker for advice not Mr Scheuer...

More than five years after 9/11, the Clinton and Bush administrations continue to point fingers at one another for being unprepared for the attack. The heat has been turned up by former CIA agent Michael Scheuer, who has accused President Clinton and his aides of lying about their efforts to hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden. "The documents will show," Scheuer told The Factor, "that President Clinton, Sandy Berger, and Richard Clarke had numerous opportunities to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden. To deny that they had the opportunities to do it is a lie." Scheuer also gave his opinion of how to handle the war in Iraq. "The ultimate solution is simply that we don't have enough troops there to win the war, and we have not been brutal enough. We have not conducted the war aggressively enough and have not annihilated the enemy." The Factor added that this enemy is unlike any we've faced. "Al Qaeda is motivated by hatred, they just want to kill people. They think Allah is commanding them to do it and they're going to do it. They're homicidal maniacs." Note the fact that we have not been brutal
enough...Git-R-Done now...

Comment Posted By Black Elk On 15.10.2006 @ 17:54



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