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From the research I have been doing around the web, those who would know about these things are saying that there are many strange assumptions made in this poll, such as almost double the expected turnout and huge amounts of people switching party affiliation at the last minute.

Comment Posted By Bill Mitchell, Raleigh, NC On 1.01.2008 @ 09:06

Why do people consider polls taken by uber-liberal newspapers with huge agendas to be serious affairs?

Think about the following:

1. The DNC has spent far more time slamming Romney than any other candidate. They are clearly most afraid of him. It is clear the DMR HATES Romney.
2. As they are not a "polling company", they lose nothing if they blow this poll. Professional Pollsters (Rasmussen) on the other hand, have a a lot to lose if they miss by a mile.
3. The DMR endorsed McCain while denouncing every possible conservative value in the same article.

So, if you were the DMR and you wanted to influence the Republican Caucus to meet your agenda, what would YOUR poll look like?

1. Huckabee wins and apparently unhurt by the absolute vitriol of every conervative leader on earth for a month, endless gaffs ands the bozo ad job - no effect.
2. Romney loses by 6 points, just one point more than the 5 points people say his better organization gets him - convenient.
3. McCain surges to take 3rd (helping him beat Romney in NH).

Yep, that's pretty much what I would do if I were a devious left-wing moonbat with a newspaper.

Comment Posted By Bill Mitchell, Raleigh, NC On 1.01.2008 @ 05:08

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