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There are people who actually feel that Four has been weak? IMHO, this is the strongest season yet. If you want to visit 24's low water mark, rent discs 2 and 3 of the Season Three - the time when we had to endure Jack running around in the backwaters of Mexico for no particular reason. We're more than halfway through the season, and we STILL don't know what Marwan's big score is. Personally, I think that he's going to try and wreck the US economy. What makes this season so powerful is that I believe Marwan's going to win. My guess is that on episode 24, Jack will learn that the show should have been called 48. I think the season will end with a cliffhanger, and that Jack will have to go after him another full day.

Comment Posted By Bill Vallely On 29.03.2005 @ 13:53



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