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To DinOR: I'm British, but I've been here long enough that I probably sound American in my writing style at least.

And I agree that painting McCain as being Bush 44 was at the very least a disingenuous line of attack from the left. Having said that, I also don't think that Obama's ties to Ayers and ACORN are nearly as strong as many people on this forum seem to believe they are (or perhaps wish they were).

To Chuck: Staggering though it may be to contemplate, my use of 'shot down' in this instance was metaphorical; not every situation has a solution involving a bullet. I have nothing but respect for those who serve, assuming they do so honorably, but I also contend that there are non-military approaches which can and should be given at least equal consideration.

To sfcmac: I couldn't agree more that there were things that should have been done during the Clinton years which were not. While I believe that his execution of the office was, by and large, quite competent, he was not without his murky side. However, when the MSM doesn't listen, every passing day brings more channels of M which are not MS. Matt Drudge made his name by bringing the Lewinsky scandal to light, and is now considered one of the most influential figures in American news media. If the MSM are in the President's hip pocket, then there will be another Matt Drudge out there waiting for his or her big chance. And once a story has legs, the AG doesn't have as much comfort in that same hip pocket.

I think the upshot of all of these individually-addressed comments is that in twenty-first century America, there is no weapon more effective than the right information, used at the right time and in the right way. Perhaps if more Democrats stop thinking with their penises and more Republicans stop thinking with their guns, they will all eventually realize that.

Comment Posted By BeyondTheBlue On 16.10.2008 @ 09:24

I'm not American, I just happen to live here. Coming from a foreign perspective, it's interesting to see the opinions on both sides here.

Each side has its share of adherents who are absolutely convinced that the other side is hell-bent on destroying America and all it stands for.

Each side loves to accuse the other of lying, cheating, cronyism, obstructionism, criminal conduct and just plain "un-American"ness. And in most cases, each side is absolutely correct.

Each side is convinced that they are the very model of reasonable, bipartisan politics and the other side is returning nothing but rabid denunciations of their efforts.

Each side has its morons who honestly think that someone on the opposing ticket warrants comparison with Hitler, Stalin, etc.

Each side is convinced that there is a media bias against them.

Each side could quite frankly only benefit from the en-masse neutering of their hysterical fringes.

Each side, if the opposition does in fact win this election, will respond with a slew if vituperation in forums like this one, followed shortly thereafter by rampant apathy.

What the hell is up with this? Enough with the finger-pointing already, your little crowd is just as bad as their little crowd. Opinions like yours are the very reason that political issues have become so poisonous.

If you honestly believe that the President, whoever he or she may be at any given time, has obtained the office fraudulently, there is a legal framework for challenging it. If they don't listen, then get in their faces until they have no choice. And if you get your day and are still shot down, then accept it.

But until then, you will have that person as your President. As a non-citizen (green card holder only), I don't have the right to vote here, but either McCain or Obama will nevertheless be my President until or unless sufficient grounds have been incontrovertibly established for removing him from office, and the removal has taken place. And anyone who says differently is sadly deluded.

I love America. I am in fact undertaking a fair amount of effort and expense to establish citizenship here, simply to gain the rights most of you already have. You can be damn sure I will exercise those rights in defense of what I believe is right, and in opposition to what I believe is wrong... but you can also be damn sure I'll not be a part of the idiot brigade marching at either end of the political spectrum. If anything really does stand in danger of destroying this country, it is the vitriol brought by the wing-nuts of both sides.

Comment Posted By BeyondTheBlue On 15.10.2008 @ 16:20



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