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If the US is more like Europe there is no more Europe. Who's going to protect Europe from the monster in the closet if not America?

Comment Posted By Bel Aire On 5.11.2008 @ 16:02


"The Evil Left"

I think DNC Chairman Dean 'owns' applying the word evil to political parties not his own. To be fair, Chairman Dean corrected his assertion by noting not everyone in the party is evil. You got your rube Republicans too. The evil folks need someone to manipulate after all.

Comment Posted By Bel Aire On 3.11.2008 @ 17:39


Accounting jobs going overseas? Names, places and companies please. I haven't heard anything like that.


Damn those Republicans and their scare mongering! And after that, John, can you call my Mom and tell her that if McCain wins she won't lose her social security. It seems like every four years she get's this crazy idea that if a Republican is President she'll lose her social security. I wonder how that popped into her head?

Comment Posted By Bel Aire On 3.11.2008 @ 17:35


I second Ryan. I don't like that crap anymore than I like explaining to my Mom every four year years that if the Republican is elected she really won't lose her social security.

Comment Posted By Bel Aire On 27.10.2008 @ 12:44


Does anyone remember when the Gingrich house pushed welfare reform and NAFTA only to not play ball with Clinton in the end so that Clinton wouldn't have a success to run his re-election campaign on? Probably not since that didn't happen. The Dems, though, had Bush push positions where his natural allies were Dems (Immigration) and what did they do? Voted against their purported beliefs so that Bush wouldn't be able to take credit. They short changed the public (even if the right was happy with the outcome) in their own calculations to benefit the party.

And the "unfunded" No Child Left Behind? When a program is receiving 90%+ of the funding in the bill, how is that unfunded? The Dems made this a game. Public policy is no game but that's what the Dems have made it.

I'm on your side, Rick. I'm a right leaning independent and I will root for a President Obama as hard as I've rooted for Bush (note policy disagreements and hope that I am wrong and he is right). However, I don't disagree with the majority of the folks calling for tearing down Obama. I know that attitude is impulsive, bad for the country and doesn't even serve the cause to get more Republicans elected, as you've argued. But it can be argued that a non-response might be even worse for the country. If the Dems are successful electorally and there are no consequences for pro-party, anti-country behavior who believes they are just going to stop on their own?

Comment Posted By Bel Aire On 13.10.2008 @ 18:22


He's got the whole media behind him AND he needs to cheat?

Comment Posted By Bel Aire On 14.10.2008 @ 08:14


You can never have enough politician/lawyers who were taught to spin bullshit into wool!

Both sides seem to think that hiring Obama or Palin means just hiring an individual. I think it's as much about hiring the hundreds of political appointees (and their staffs so it extends to the thousands - is it any wonder that politicians will trade ethics for power with that incentive?) as the person on top. A President Obama will lead (and be lead by) a host of former Clinton officals. A President/Vice President Palin will have the same resources.

If any VP candidate is disqualified it's Biden. He would have carved up Iraq 18 months ago, wasting the lives of 4,000 Americans. While nothing is set in stone, Iraq now seems to be on the way up. That seems pretty incredible given where we were two years ago. It's been costly, but changing the trajectory of a country of 25 million isn't easy.

Comment Posted By Bel Aire On 26.09.2008 @ 16:43


I have no special insights but I wonder if the sky is falling talk - which is normally ignored as silliness by most people - is taking root now only because the MSM has spent the last 8 years beating up on the economy. Is it hard to believe we might be at the edge of a cliff after the MSM has been beating that very drum (softly) for the last eight years? This talk would have never flown in 2001 even as the NASDAQ was racing to the bottom. In fact, you couldn't even say the NASDAQ was falling then without being accused of talking down the economy. But eight years of 'the rich are eating the brains of the poor for breakfast' and 'Bush's economy is a disaster' might have softened the public's acceptance of oncoming catastrophe.

And maybe it's not even the general public that have been 'played' as the general public seems to be against a bailout of any sort. Maybe it's the pundits, even you Rick, that has lost perspective due to the constant drumbeat of the MSM. It's at least possible, I think. The MSM is great at generating and cultivating 'everybody knows' memes. How many inconvenient facts have been tossed overboard to keep the economic disaster meme alive this time?

It really sucks that the MSM is capable and able to do something like this.

Comment Posted By Bel Aire On 26.09.2008 @ 15:25


"The lack of access to her is getting the press a bit worked up"

That explains why the MSM floated Trig Trutherism two days after being selected (of course they didn't report it, they reported that "people" were "concerned"). The press saw her as the enemy from day one. Bill Clinton knows that they're playing with fire. The MSM might want to listen up.

Comment Posted By Bel Aire On 25.09.2008 @ 14:31

Earlier this week I was dissapointed that the folks running for President were going to be able to vote 'present' on an issue that smart people (on the MSM curve) think to be the most important issue facing the country. Great work if you can get it: hired to make tough decisions, applying for a job to make even more significant decisions, and the first 'test' vote? Present.

I'd like to see Obama-McCain-Bush-Democratic Congressional Leadership holding hands at the end. The country deserves what they decide, right or wrong. That's why we vote.

Comment Posted By Bel Aire On 25.09.2008 @ 14:26

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