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48 pounds baby! Congratulations.....and get an extra slice of pie.

Comment Posted By Bel Air On 27.11.2008 @ 21:25


The introspection is good but wholly unnecessary. The next two years of Democratic govenance will decide whether the Republicans rebound any time soon. Obama voters may not have known the Dems own Congress but they'll know soon enough. There's a tsunami at our doorstep and nobody knows what to do. If McCain had won he'd have been in the same boat. I don't think the public understands the implications of a 20% decline in Xmas season sales and the waves of layoffs that will surely follow. Only the most efficient retailers will survive and the malls will look, if sales play out as in October, like inner city shopping districts - lots of empty storefronts. You can't make up for a bad Xmas in March (if you're a retailer).

A large part of my pessimism is based on the long run the economy has enjoyed. Prior to 1990 the rule of thumb was that an economy was in recession when two quarters of negative growth occured back to back. The 1991 and 2001 recessions had, I believe, just a single quarter of negative growth (and I think that was only slightly negative) between them. So I think this is a triple recession - the two we missed plus the current. We thought we were fighting recession when we were in fact just tamping it down to arise another day. Bush will be blamed for quite awhile......well, the media will blame him forever......but by 2010 it will no longer wash with the people.

Long term I'm optimistic. The private sector swamp hasn't been drained in a long time (the public sector swamp is still awaiting it's first draining). We'll come out of this leaner, stronger, and with a Republican government.

Comment Posted By Bel Air On 20.11.2008 @ 22:22


My cat would like to meet your cat. Drinks and dinner. No long term commitment.

Comment Posted By Bel Air On 30.07.2008 @ 10:53


"American life expectancies are lower than most of our EU allies"

How many extra years do I get if I move to France? Or should I just put down the potato chips?

Comment Posted By Bel Air On 24.07.2008 @ 14:58


Oliver Stone better hurry with his flick. I have a feeling that with these events in Iraq and more exposure to our current crop of Presidential choices W is going to make a bit of a comeback with the populace.

I wonder what Nancy P. and Harry R. have planned to do the same for them? Nancy essentially has no support - just 10% for not being an 'R' and 2% from friends and family.

Comment Posted By Bel Air On 9.07.2008 @ 11:13



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