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Whether or not the Geneva accords were violated is certainly arguable, but since I did not say they were, I don't see the reason for your post.

Comment Posted By Beej On 10.04.2008 @ 19:08


No, this is not a matter of individual conscience. This is a matter of national morality. Nations are moral entities, not because they, as constructs, have moral conscience, but because their founding and guiding principles are either adjudged moral or not. The entire history, public identity, and underlying philosophy of the U.S. is pro the dignity of the individual and thus anti-torture. Read the Constitution. Read the Declaration of Independence. Read Lincoln's second inaugural address. Read the Federalist papers. Then try to argue that the moral center of this nation would allow torture. And don't kid yourself. Waterboarding is torture. You don't believe it? Japanese commanders were tried and convicted after WWII for employing it. You want to argue that the current "detainees" are not "soldiers"? The moral history of the U.S., as opposed to the Geneva accords, has never made such a distinction. Bad guys these detainees may be. But they are also human beings and thus, by the standards of OUR nation, should not be subjected to torture. To argue otherwise does, indeed, undermine the integrity of this nation, just as the willingness of the European left in the days of the Soviet Union undermined the integrity of many European nations.

1. Stop lecturing me. You're a colossal bore.

2. What the hell are you talking about? I know waterboarding is torture. I said so. And there is nothing certain about these people's status. By any rational definition, extra state actors are not "soldiers." Does that mean we should treat them any differently? Absolutely not. But get off your goddamn moral high horse. You are shrill and hectoring and again, a bore.

3. Nations are moral when they can afford to be - period. Get your head out of the clouds and join the rest of us.


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