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Well, Rick, a fine take on the schmendrick face off between Limbaugh and Steele.

Now what about some red meat on CPAC? Was anything accomplished? Or is all we get from the House lamentations about missed opportunities to look good in the world of gotcha partisan politics?

Why must we always focus on the lowest common "media" denominator. Ya, perception is reality in the world of media. But is it so at the grassroots level?

How many grassroots republicans even know what CPAC is? Why it is? and When?

We need from the ground up schooling....and if the blogs are too busy covering gotcha politics, they are missing a grand opportunity to reach and school the electorate on what they are up against with regard to winning the mid-terms and turning this crap shoot around.

Best regards-


Comment Posted By bear1909 On 2.03.2009 @ 20:01


As a businessman and entrepreneurial refugee from academia now in my 14th year paying my own way while paying taxes, I say all of this RIGHT/LEFT, DHIMMICRAT/REPUBLICAN dialectic is fruitless, albeit entertaining, grist for the public chatteries.

Until it is impossible for an American to take an idea for meeting a need, materialize it with a buck and an operating plan, take it to market and make a profit--- until this simple step by step approach to economic survival is all but impossible, no one has an excuse for going without.

There are poor and illiterate Americans here in my town that are making a profitable--- and tax free---- living recycling cans and bottles. They live according to how hard they want to work everyday. Hmmm. What a "life plan". Suze Ormann anybody? I know 2 single mothers that are splitting receipts of $250,000.00 after taxes by managing a "stable" of housecleaners. They started with buckets, mops and a bus pass. Yes, their taxes have gone up over the past 5 years....guess what they wrote that into their plan and passed the expense on to their clients in a sensible long term way. Their competitors didnt and now they are leading the pack.

Common sense. Control the stuff you can control. And stay abreast of the trends---- not reactionary crap from DC either. Stay abreast of opportunities to build a real retirement system.

Are we using the technology we have to be profitable? Or just clever. My computer is a cash machine. Our retirement system is non-existent as long as we look to government to provide what 800 a month?

I am just livid BHo got elected. He is a tinpot Banana Republic wanabe dictator, and a national disgrace--- as have we collectively become, a feminized, co-dependent, emasculated electorate that can't screen this kind of virus out of its political immune system.

Time to eat.


Comment Posted By bear1909 On 21.02.2009 @ 16:54

I just cringe when i read or hear people saying BHo is "smooth". He never sounds the same. His diction, accent, something is always changed to suit his narcisstic opportunism. Overrated because Bush was such an absurd rendition of a public speaker.

Comment Posted By bear1909 On 21.02.2009 @ 11:08

Regarding my previous post about wealth creation versus symbolic protests: we haven't reached the stage where the colonists found themselves with the British crown in the pre-Revolutionary days.

For example, the end of the French and Indian War meant tough economic times for colonial businesses that were providing timber, food, munitions, metalworking etc to the British Army fighting the French. The end of the war was also followed by massive tax increases by a non-sympathetic British Treasury trying to pay for extended wars of that century.

An although those two circumstances APPEAR to be in effect now, circumstances are different in kind because the United States is on the verge of a full-scale war in Asia and the "Middle East" which will put the economy on the same war footing that will dwarf WW2's. BHo's stimulus plan will be scrapped. Spending for stimulus isn't scheduled to begin until some time 2010 at the earliest. In the meantime, Clintonian-style profiteering and bungling will set the stage for war with Russia and China in order to settle the imbalance of accounts that drives the current crisis.

The pre-requisite ingredient is FEAR, now that GREED no longer drives private investment in markets (although it certainly has driven pigs to the government trough for bailout cash).

People in the US are afraid. And the impotent BHo and his Clintonian stooges will continue to lead the country to a war path that will make Iraq and Afghanistan look like bake sales.

In short, the distraction of stimulus and bank bailouts and all of that are simply just that- distraction.

More war is imminent. Will smart Americans be on the net loss side of that equation hoping the government will come to its senses? Or will they be on the net gain side of it building businesses that create wealth and self-reliance?

That choice is ours. Wealth first. Prosperity second. Trying to control the idiocy of government? Not even in the top ten.

Wealth first---- then own your government. Ya cant be in debt and own the government. The Founding Fathers owned - and therefore- controlled their government.

The choice is ours.

Comment Posted By bear1909 On 21.02.2009 @ 10:21

Fortunes are made at the bottom. And we are nearing it. Smart Americans are not simply interested in Congressional or Presidential election victories--- we are focused on the basis of the Founding Fathers dream-- the capacity of each citizen to create wealth. Despite what the pinheaded BHo tries to do legislatively, the devil will be in the enforcement of the "laws" passed and trying to find money to pay for everything he wants to buy. The map BHo is showing us is not the territory.

Protest is great. But it is just protest. The Boston Tea Party destroyed property. It wasn't a bunch of bunnies marching with signs who do the gotcha style rendition of CodePink in reverse.

Smart Americans are planning a revenge on the slime in Congress and the ooze occupying the WHite House. And it DOES NOT involve destruction of property or bunny walking in circles with signs or bloviating on a blog.

It involves creating wealth. The needs of our Nation right now are so great and technology so advanced as to create a perfect storm for generating new profits and remaking the financial fabric of a country that sorely needs an entrepreneurial solution to fiat currency banks. Social networking, new electronic banking models, and more than enough cash rich capital investors who dont need middle men like Hank Paulson---- are just a few of the necessary ingredients to smash both Congress and BHo's latest ruse to lockdown Democratic votes.

BagMen narcissists like BHo and megalomaniacal congressional leaders like Pelosi Galore and Bending Reid evaporate overnight as the sharks they attempt to lead eat their feet while they stand mired in their own delusions to power and control.

In the meantime, to you, the average smart American--- will you be wasting your time with symbolic gotcha politics in reverse of the Left's past 8 years worth? Or will you be out there putting together the counter-solution to the bailout culture: micro-financed prosperity based on raw capitalist principles for creating real wealth.

All the seeds are there. The choice is ours.

Comment Posted By bear1909 On 21.02.2009 @ 10:03


Every age has rationalized its reactive justice in the face of barbarousness. That applies to pro and anti-torture arguments in this age of jihadi murderousness.

The methods and means of this particular age,used by Americans against their enemies, will pale in comparison to the video recorded beheadings by jihadis. That jihadis have been waterboarded and subjected to physical discomforts will leave nary a stain in contrast to the legacy of the Bush Doctrine.

I admit my cynicism about the anti-torture arguments. The scary doggies at Abu Ghraib, that putting women's panties on the heads of Muslim prisoners there, are considered torture makes me guffaw and I am half-certain it does too to those who survived it at America's expense.

Take off the gloves and finish the job.

Meet barbarousness with barbarousness when it comes to one's enemies. Make Jihadi incursions against the greatest nation of all time unthinkable.

That isn't achieveable by applying rights and statutes designed for organized military fighting and law abiding civilians.

Comment Posted By bear1909 On 2.04.2008 @ 21:20


Great articulation of the divide, Rick. The moral underpinnings on both sides of the divide leave the Nation at an impasse over any kind of constructive political dialogue about the way forward in the face of Islamic fascist aggression. I am not a big fan of Newt Gingrich, the man; but, I do think he has laid out a reasonable framework for how to move Fortress America forward against the likes of Iran and Syria, and their supra-national agents such as al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood.

All of this hoopla around Iran's NutJob and his psy-ops is a distraction from some of the larger news of the day- such as Syria's noticeable silence over Israel's act of war against them with the latest bombstrike. And how Iran's mullahs are freaking out while NutJob is here using rhetoric to conceal his own leaking boat in the Iranian power game inside their own borders.

Nice work, Rick. Keep it coming.

Comment Posted By bear1909 On 21.09.2007 @ 21:36


Bush and BloomFREAKINGberg are not only tone deaf- they appear to be headless. This one will have some legs.

Comment Posted By bear1909 On 19.09.2007 @ 18:37


The problem here in the US is Congress and Dept. of State. They don't seem to care if Hezbollah and/or Hamas takeover the Lebanese and Palestinian governments. It is almost as if they believe that Hezbollah and Hamas reflect the will of *all* the people. We have become irrelevant in the battle for our own survival.

Comment Posted By bear1909 On 19.09.2007 @ 14:10


I am in full agreement. The next President must have the political will to bring together the various houses of government and craft policy that puts the Nation on a long-term war footing. Anything less, and we will lose any advantages we might have generated during the past 6 years.

Our "dance steps" with enemies such as Iran and Syria must change. If we change how we move the dance changes. So far, no President in the last 30 years has been quite so daring.

In addition, the next President must have a Secretary of State who follows that war policy. It appears that today we have a State Department that operates at cross purposes with winning this war, and maintaining a credible alliance with Israel despite the en vogue calls for a "Palestinian state."

Comment Posted By Bear1909 On 8.09.2007 @ 20:01



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