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Soccer will never be as popular in the U.S. as it is in the rest of the world. However, I thought it was great when the U.S. team beat the Spanish team. That's not because I have anything against Spain (pretty decent people over there, if you've been there... one of the few countries in Europe that for the most part don't mind Americans) nor do I care about soccer... it made me laugh because you know the masses of dedicated European fans were screaming and irate that AMERICA beat a very good professional team with a proud history of excellence in the sport. I knew the U.S. would be killed by Brazil, but it was still fun to know that we beat the Europeans at their own game.

Imagine if Spain fielded an NFL team and came and beat an elite NFL team such as the Patriots or Colts? We'd be stunned! That's probably how the Europeans felt when the U.S. owned their team lol

Hey funny guy you seem to be pretty cool and I know you're European (by your own admission) but I'm just saying it was funny that our crappy soccer team beat the powerful Spanish team heh... no disrespect meant to you, though.

Comment Posted By barry On 30.06.2009 @ 02:29


I'm glad he's gone. I may sound cold, but I believe there's a special place in Hell reserved for child molestors. Jackson was a good entertaining, but a messed up crazy person who did some really horrible things.

Comment Posted By barry On 30.06.2009 @ 02:02


"Of course, rationality makes little difference to the left. Everything they can use as a tool to bash the fair game."

That's in contrast to the right, of course, whose banner carriers would NEVER make irrational claims to bash liberals or liberal ideals for every little problem they see in their rose-colored world. I mean, that's not like the foundation for the careers of Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, Malkin, and countless bloggers. No sir.

From the 3 Pittsburgh cops killed recently by a nut worried about Obama taking his guns to the muder of Dr. Tiller -- and now the museum nutjob -- there's a core of paranoia, anger and violence at the base of conservativism today. And it's typical for the right to blame the "liberal media" bogeyman instead of the fear-inducing rhetoric of the right-wing talking heads.

I would say "typical liberal idiocy" to equate anything von Brunn believes with conservatism. Your ignorance of conservatism is appalling - as any rational, reality based analysis would tell you.

Again - you are not interested in rationality - simply spouting talking points you read somewhere else developed by someone far smarter and much more clever than you are.

Btw - The Pittsburgh cop killer made a phone call to his best friend 10 minutes before shooting the cops telling him he wanted to die. How anyone can twist that into anything except "suicide by cop" (a point you didn't bother to address in your comment) I am at a loss to say.

You can't spout as you do above without offering any evidence. And since you offer none, I can say with equal certainty that it was space aliens that made von Brunn kill that guard. and it would have exactly as much legitimacy as your nonsense.


Comment Posted By Barry On 11.06.2009 @ 09:17


No mainstream ring-wing conspiracy theories? Isn't that the premise of every Glenn Beck show? He's the one spouting off about supposed FEMA concentration camps, the black helicopters and those idiotic doomsday scenarios. And Michele Bachmann just suggested Obama's policies will bring about "re-education camps." Those are pretty mainstream sources, right? And does Bill O'Reilly go more than a few minutes on his show without referring the the "far left loons" who want to secularize America, abolish Christmas and establish a communist state? Hell, that guy who shot up a church a few months ago pretty much used one of O'Reilly's books as a bible. And all during the campaign, the lies were spread about Obama being a secret Muslim terrorist and that he'd bring about a total ban on guns. They were picked up by FOX News. The mainstream conspiracies are there for the picking... the the paranoid, angry right is all to eager to harvest them.

Comment Posted By Barry On 7.04.2009 @ 05:52


I think the GOP's "budget" proposal is simply the latest indicator that it's a party in denial. I'm to the left on most things, but I'm happy to debate the merits fiscal responsibilitya and the role of government. But during the Bush years, those cornerstones of the GOP were dragged away from the foundation. What is left is hysterical, paranoid ravings about socialism, religion and the black helicopters coming to take away guns -- advanced by loons like Limbaugh, Hannity and O'Reilly. I don't want to pay any more taxes than necessary and wholeheartedly embrace capitalism, but what on earth does the GOP have anything to do with that these days?

Comment Posted By Barry On 27.03.2009 @ 10:32


It seems to me that the point here is not to pretend that you hear what you don't. {my hearing is going off, and I guess at what I am hearing all the time} Still, it's dishonest, just like Palin spouting any talking point she can remember, at any time. Failures of communication like that should never come out of the mouth of any serious candidate for alderman. It denegrates the idea of human intelligence to allow it at the McPalin level.

Comment Posted By barry On 4.10.2008 @ 01:38


@manning, who wrote: "I suggest that an Obama win would mean in excess of 15-20 years before we could turn around the damage he and his party would wreck on America."

Jeez, how long will it take to get us out of the mess the Republicans, including McCain, got us into? The bed-wetting paranoia on the right at the prospect of higher taxes on the wealthiest Americans is like worrying about whether the stove was left on while your house is burning to the ground.

Conservatives want nothing but unchecked, unfettered free markets and when they get it, they ruin it. Who's left on the hook for it? American taxpayers. Corporate welfare at its finest and there is no one else to blame/thank than your friendly neighborhood GOP administration and Republican-led Congress. And you're worried about your income taxes going up a little? Have you checked the national debt lately? Or the budget deficeit? And isn't the monthly tab on the Iraq war still about $10 BILLION? I'll be the first to admit that you can't tax your way out of the hole, but further tax cuts seem downright irresponsible given the current situation. Alan Greenspan said as much last weekend. especially since we'd be paying for them with borrowed money.

And now you've got McCain flip-flopping sometimes even on the same day on whether the economy is sound, whether government bailouts are a good thing and whether greater Wall Street oversight is needed. Holy cow, the Republicans have driven us into a black hole of debt and McCain's economic advisors are lobbyists and Phil Gramm. Wonderful!

Corporate welfare, reckless spending and runaway debt. That's the Republican business model...So, what exactly is your fear of Obama again?

Comment Posted By Barry On 18.09.2008 @ 07:53


This post is at the core of the confounding dichotomy of the GOP. When it comes to business or guns, it's hand's off. When it comes to the relationship of two consenting adults, it's "we'll tell you what's right and what's permissable." I'm no biblical scholar, but the last time I checked, "thow shalt not engage in homosexuality" wasn't one of the 10 Commandments and I don't believe it's one of the seven deadly sins, yet it gets the self-appointed morality police worked up more than anything else. That the platform of the FRC and other like-minded groups is taken to heart by the GOP does little to disuade me that it is a political party of bigotry, exclusion and fascist leanings.

Comment Posted By Barry On 15.09.2008 @ 07:38


Typical of the GOP... They try to divert attention from Palin's LIE about opposing the bridge to nowhere with a trumped up "insult" that any 6th grader could see through. The needle is absolutely broken off the Republicans' moral compass. If Americans vote in again the party of hypocrisy, hate and facism, then I guess we deserve the screw job the GOP will continue on us all. And I had such high hopes for America this time around...

Comment Posted By Barry On 11.09.2008 @ 07:29


For Dan Smith who doesn't want to go throught the "clean up process" after Obama wins. How about the clean-up of the Bush debacle? Could the country be in any greater debt? His "no tax, but spend, spend, spend" policy has dug a hole all the way to China -- and they're filling it with loans. He's ignored the looming Social Security disaster and told Americans the key to affordable health care is not getting sick. Lets not forget his brilliant foreign policy, too, illustrated oh so perfectly through insight such as looking into the eyes of Putin. Yeah, good call George. Rebuilding America's credibility will take more than the next presidency and we've seriously lost some military clout. What could possibly get worse, Dan? I guess we could have more home foreclosures and $10/gallon gas, but the GOP and FOX News would blame that on Bill Clinton. You'll have to remind me again of your problems with Obama, because I'm too busy dealing with all the ways Republicans have screwed us for the next generation.

Comment Posted By Barry On 25.08.2008 @ 11:40

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