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I'm not so sure Henderson is dead. Jack's not done and Henderson is important to the series if they want to resolve Graham and co.

I found it way too convenient for the PO Rooney to witness the execution and the set-up could've been for the successful disappearance of Henderson, like Bauer before him.

I think Weller could be heavy next season and would give a tremendous boost for "24", the writers could use another angel, a Fallen one instead of an Avenging one.

Comment Posted By Badge 2211 On 26.05.2006 @ 06:24


Rick said:

But then came Abu Ghraib. And the insurgency. And mounting American casualties. And finally a sense that Rumsfeld had lost touch with what was really happening on the ground in Iraq.

The insurgency started with the war. The Feyadeen units operated in organized guerilla fashion. As the we dig further into the Iraqi document dump, we will see the parallel insugency campaign had the benefit of foreign expertise and leadership with wondrous amounts of munitions and cash. Add to this mix the release of Iraqi's entire prison population and the reinvigoration of the Iraqi tribal and criminal gangs and Shiite militias in affiliation with Iranian agents and provocateurs. On top of that, we inherited all the sectarian problems that Saddam kept his heavy boot on.

Against all this and the President daring Al Qaeda to come to Iraq and fight it out with our Marines and Soldiers. They did, too. Any progress against any or all of these severe problems? Yes or no.


Abu Ghraib and reports of other prisoner abuse showed an executive whose approval of questionable interrogation techniques led to abuses far beyond what any American army had ever done. For this alone, he should have been sacked long ago.

I find it odd that you use Abu Ghraib, twice, to muddy Rumsfeld. The Courts Martials were not enough for you? The demotion and cashiering of Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski and the career dead end for Lt. Gen. Sanchez brought a higher star count than My Lai. Everyone responsible and/or tainted got it in the neck, Rumsfeld was never, ever even tainted. That's Sully's territory. BTW, you can stop rooting for Jack, now.

I'm not sorry to say after 9-11, I want Rumsfeld watching my back. He fights and more importantly, he cares for his troops. With Generals Abizaid, Casey and Petraeus (in probably his fourth deployment) running things in theater and Generals Pace, Schoonmaker and Boykin in the 5 ring, I think we could be considered fortunate to have them with many, many others unmentioned and the man who put them there, Rumsfeld.

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Theo might've looked "light," but he did get the jump on Jack who committed the cardinal sin of losing his weapon.

Jack's on the fly reprogramming of his PDA chip was so amazing that I missed it.

I don't know, but man, how sorry is the Secret Service when a black team of assassins are running loose within the Presidential compound's perimeter. Soldiers with heavy weapons intimidate Wayne Palmer but can't detect the speeding, careening and not so quiet ninjas. Great.

Comment Posted By Badge 2211 On 21.03.2006 @ 19:19


Aaron and Nutzo Martha is just plain wrong. He's the only mouth breather that isn't falling down dead or bouncing like a Spaulding, a rock he is. He's our man because he's the anti-Jack.

The only draw is Jack Bauer. The plots are sooo PC--what are Russian separatists? In the real world they are known as Chechans but they might take a Hollywood studio as savagely as they did a Beslan grade school so lets leave those sleeping dogs alone.

Forget Season #3 when the writers played the Crips and Bloods are in the House.

Comment Posted By Badge 2211 On 7.03.2006 @ 20:06

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