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My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please stay safe and may God richly bless you and yours. God willing your house will be saved. If not, God may have something better for you. Having been through a flood myself I can understand what you are going through.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 25.08.2007 @ 20:19


There will be no attack by the US on Iran. Congress would never allow it and the American people would not be behind it. The Army can only maintain its troop level in Iraq for another year, at best. Based on most estimates the Army is nearing the breaking point. Without a significant increase in man power the Army cannot maintain the current level in Iraq. As it stands right now, the American people and Congress will not support an increase to the size of the Army.

A small troop contingent as some people wish to leave behind will be worse than useless. It would be to small to actually do anything and it would be under constant attack.

Given the current political and military realities, the US will begin completely withdrawing from Iraq within the next couple of months and the withdrawl will be complete by this time next year. In other words, by this time next year there will be no US or allied military personnel within Iraq.

What we are seeing now is likely the final attempt to contain Iran through the use of economic sanctions. This is unlikely to be successful.

As Rick points out the Iranian government seems to be very unpopular right now. Rick writes: "all of these problems disappear with the first bomb dropped on Iran by the United States." This is what the Iranian government needs to stay in power. They need a war to rally their citizens. The bomb will not be dropped by the United States. It will be delivered by Iran to the United States.

Instead of thinking about an American attack on Iran that will not happen analyists need to be thinking about the coming attack on the United States by Iran or its terrorist proxies. The Iranian attack on the US may or may not involve Iranian military personnel. It could take the form of terrorist proxies operating on behalf of Iran. The analyists should be thinking about how they are going to thwart this attack and what will our response be.

Also, what about Pakistan? What about Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the resurgent Taliban, Russia, China, and a host of other threats? The enemy is far larger and far more dangerous than most pundits and military planners seem willing to face up to. If these threats are to be handled militarily, the country will have to be placed on a war footing and it will have to be handled in much the same way we handled WWII. Even then we the Western Europeans and other allies would have to go on a war footing as well. It is unlikely we could handle all of this ourselves.

The political will is lacking to place the country or the entire free world on a war foooting. As such, we must find some other way to defend the US. I suggest the following: 1.) withdraw all military forces from Afghanistan and Iraq, 2.)redeploy those troops the northern and southern borders, 3.)place a moratorium on immigration from muslim countries, 4.)develop all of our oil and natrual gas reserves and build more refineries. This should give us some leverage when negotiating with OPEC nations. These are policies we can implement. Military action against Iran or anyone else cannot be implemented right now.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 16.08.2007 @ 08:58


Every one every where on earth except for the anti-American "far left" and the anti-American "far right" and the other anti-American groups all around the world know that the US will be completely withdrawing from Iraq very soon. In other words, the rational actors know that the US will be getting out very soon and are planning accordingly.

Even if the Bush Administration, Congress, or the next Administration would like to keep troops in Iraq, they cannot. The Army is nearing the breaking point. This will force the US to withdraw very soon. In addtion to this, a small contingent of troops that some are proposing that we leave behind is worse than useless. It will be insufficient to actually achieve anything and it will be under constant attack.

After our withdrawl from Iraq I'm interested in learning what each candidate plans to do next. How do they plan to secure America? This becomes especially imperative when we consider the fact that, after our withdrawl from Iraq, Al Qaeda, Iran, and other Islamic terror groups will be stronger than they were before the war and we are weaker than we were before the war. How do they plan to secure America in this environment?

Also, Russia is resurgent and China is stronger than ever. How do each of the candidates plan to deal with these threats to American national security?

I'm interested in getting answers from each of the candidates on how they plan to secure America after the withdrawl from Iraq, how they plan to deal with a resurgent Russia, and how they plan to deal with an increasingly beligerent China.

I suggest the following: 1.)redeploy the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to the northern and sourthern borders of the US, 2.)develop all of our own domestic oil and natural gas resources, 3.)build more refineries, 4.)build more nuclear power plants, 4.)increase the capabilities of the US military so that is can serve as an adequate deterent against Russia and China, 5.)Iran is increasing its military capabilities, in the coming years, we will need a military that can serve as an adequate deterent against Iran, 6.)do all that we can to increase the military capabilities of Israel, so as to strengthen the buffer between us and our enemies, and 7.)place a moratorium on immigration from Muslim countries and closely monitor the mosques and the Marxists groups who are allied with them.

What I suggest is some form of containment. We used containment during the Cold War. Some varation of that doctrine is what is called for now. This is my suggestion but I'm waiting to hear from the people who are running for President. The candidate who can best articulate how he or she plans to defend the US after we withdraw from Iraq will be the candidate who will get my vote.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 12.08.2007 @ 14:53



The people you mentioned are already being closely monitored. They are even more closely scrutinized than Islamic groups are.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 13.08.2007 @ 14:24

"Don't you have a whole bunch of nuclear weapons sitting in silos and subs." Probably, however, the Russians have more and they have made advancements to their systems in recent years. The Americans have not done much to maintain or advance their systems in recent years. The Russian systems are so far beyond the American systems that they could probably eliminate America before it even had a chance to respond.

Any attempt to use deploy nuclear weapons against China would likely result in a nuclear retaliation by Russia. As it stands right now, the US would be unlikely to prevail in such a situation.

In a conventional war with China, China's huge numbers would likely overwhelm any qualitative edge the Americans might have. So, right now the US has no reasonable credible military deterrent to Russia or China.

This can be changed. The Americans and hopefully the Western European nations can build up their military capabilities. There is still time but time grows short. Also, the Americans should upgrade their nuclear arsenal. It would also be helpful if the British, the French, and other Western European powers would expand and upgrade their nuclear arsenals as well.

In addition to this, Israel acts as a buffer between the Western world and Islamic terrorists. Steps should be taken to bolster Israel's military capabilities.

I have briefly discussed some of the military steps we can take to preserve the survival of our civilization. None of what I have discussed necessarily means invading anyone. These things mainly involve bolstering our defenses.

Some non military steps that should be taken are the Americans should aggressively develop more of their own oil and gas resources and build more refineries. Also, more nuclear power plants should be built. The Western Europeans should aggressively develop all of the natural resources they have. In summary, there needs to be an aggressive attempt to lessen our dependence on Russia and the Middle East for our energy supplies. As we lessen our dependence on Russia and the Middle East for our energy supplies this will give us some leverage when negotiating.

Also, the US and other free nations should place a moratorium on immigration from Muslim countries and the mosques should be closely monitored. We know the profile for a terrorists. It seems foolish not to closely monitor these people.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 12.08.2007 @ 13:21

I wanted a military draft on 9/12/01. Unfortunately it could not be implmented then and it cannot be implemented now. As such, it is a waste of time to consider that right now. Policy makers need to come up with other policies to defend the US. A good place for policy makers to start is by determining which policies that have a chance to work can actually be implemented. The policies that I mention in the previous post will likely be supported by the American people. A draft will not have their support. Granted I would not expect the elite media to support the policies I outline above but the American people likely would.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 11.08.2007 @ 12:13

A draft would be the optimal solution to the current situation. This would give us the troop strength that we need to win the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or at least it would give us a chance to win. Also, it would give us a credible deterrent to Russia and China. Right now we hav no credible military deterent to Russia and it is unlikely the US military could stand up to China.

America faces existential threats on multiple fronts. These are from Russia, China, and from Islamic terrorists. By far and away the most dangerous threat is from Russia. The US military is completely inadquate, in every phase, to stand any chance against Russia. If the Army is allowed to be worn down any further, the Army will soon be inadequate to deal with Islamic terrorists. It is probably already inadequate to deal with China. Also, our enemies, such as Iran, are increasing their military strength in all phases. At the current rate, within a couple of years, the US military will be completely inadequate to deal with any of America's enemies.

If America is to survive, it needs to significantly increase its military capabilities in all phases. Part of how we should do this is with a draft. Without a draft the US cannot continue to be a major world power. In fact, implementing a draft is probably necessary to give America a reasonable chance at basic survival.

Alas, we cannot implement a draft. As such, it is not worth considering. Part of good leadership is finding solutions to major problems that can actually be implemented. The Islamic terrorists we face in Iraq and Afghanistan are existential threats to America. Since we cannot implement a draft, what can we do?

I suggest the following: 1.) Withdraw completely from Iraq and Afghanistan. The withdrawl should begin without delay and the troops should be withdrawn as quickly as can be done safely. Admittedly, this will conceded ground to our enemies, however, it is better to do this now before the Army completely breaks. 2.) Use these troops that have been withdrawn from the Middle East to secure America's northern and southern borders. 3.) Develop more of our own domestic oil and natural gas resources and build more refineries. This will mean opening up places like ANWR for drilling. This should have happened long ago. The fact that this has not been done is an example of criminal negligence. In addition to this, more nuclear power plants will need to be built. This will all take some time to implement but at least with secure borders we could buy ourselves some time. With more domestic energy sources available we will have some leverage when dealing with OPEC countries and Venezuela. Right now, if we were to negotiate, we have no leverage. 3.)The mosques should be closely monitored. We know the profile for terrorists. People within this group should be closely scrutinized. 4.)A moratorium should be placed on immigration to America from Muslim lands. In other words, no one should be allowed to immigrate to the US from Muslim lands for the foreseeable future. America faces an existential threat from said people, it is incredibly stupid to allow the enemy free access to your country. Btw, Geroge W. Bush is the worst president in American history.

The policies mentioned above have a reasonable chance to work and they can be implemented. A draft cannot be implemented. As such, at this time, it is a waste of time and resources to consider it.

With regards to point number 1 we will be withdrawing from Iraq very soon. After the interm report is delivered in Septemeber, the President will lose even what little support he has left. In any event, we have little choice. The Army is nearing the breaking point. The withdraw will begin in late September and will be completed by July 31, 2008. By August 1, 2008 there will be no American military forces of any type any where in Iraq. If I turn out to be wrong, I will come here and admit it. Given that the complete withdrawl is inevitable, it makes it even more imperative that we implement points 2-4 or some variation of them that I mention above. After our withdrawl, our enemies will be stronger and we will be weaker. This is why implementation of points 2-4 or some variation of them becomes absolutely critical.

Rick seems to believe that it would be impossible to implement a draft even after an attack on the American homeland by a foreign power or foreign powers. He may be right but I hope not. If a group of foreign powers attacked America, I would expect us to fight vigorously to defend our country, however, by that time it may be too late. It may already be to late. If the current situation is allowed to continue, America is unlikely to survive much longer.

Even if we do what I suggest, it may already to late to adequately defend America. The military gap that America's enemies have opened up against it may already be too great to be overcome. A healthy dose of divine providence may be the only thing that can save America at this point.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 11.08.2007 @ 12:06


Unfortunately I'm not sure anyone in the West can stand up for Lebanon. Syria and their allies in Iran are backed up by the most powerful nation on earth which is Russia. Also, Iran recieves much support from the second most powerful nation on earth which is China.

The United States has suffered enormous losses due to its mis steps in Iraq. The US is largely finished as a major global power. Any additional fighting in the Middle East will involve fighting against either Russia, China, or their proxies. At this time, the US military does not have the fire power to defeat either Russia or China.

The best thing for the US to do at this point is to withdraw entirely from the Middle East, secure its northern and southern borders, develop more of its own oil and gas reserves, and build more refineries.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 10.07.2007 @ 22:12


Dale asks which Jihadi organizations have an air force and naval capability to launch an attack on the US. None of them do, however, both Russia and China, especially Russia. have such a capability. Also, the Jihadists get much of their support from Russia and China. Without this support from Russia and China the Jihadists would be much easier to defeat. Unfortunately it appears Russia and China, especially Russia, are largely being ignored.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 1.07.2007 @ 19:23



As always, great post. For the most part I think you nailed it. You write that no other nation in the histroy of the world has had the responsibilties that the United States has. We no longer want that responsibility. There is no reason we cannot say no. It is really quite simple. Just say NO!! We don't want to be nanny to the world nor do we wish to play global traffic cop. I'm not sure we ever wanted those responsibilities. Because the US government tried to assume global responsibilities that the electorate does not want us to assume is one of the big reasons the Republicans lost the last election. Other nations, such as Russia and China, have the capabilties to carry out the foreign aid actions that we currently do. Let them do this. At least, let them carry more of the load.

You state that it is almost universally agreed that removing Saddam Huessein was a good thing. You may well be correct but I'm a little bit skeptical. Saddam had numerous global business dealings and had many friends in high places. Whilte we might think it was a noble act, I'm not sure most of the world would agree.

You point out that the American fighting man is only as successful as the policy makers who set the strategy and point him toward the enemy. This is so true. Right now our most dangerous enemy is Russia. The Russians are largely being ignored. Russia has been the chief benefactor of our current policies in Iraq. It seems we have allowed ourselves to become distracted. This will need to change. Our strategy will need to be redirected to mount an effective defense against Russia.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 26.05.2007 @ 17:49

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