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I think its a bit premature at this point to conclude whether or not Jindal is or is not the answer. There is stil alot of time to thoroughly examine all of the candidates within the Republican and Democratic parties and they will all be thoroughly studied. The questions are which people are best able to improve America's economy and which ones are best able to provide for America's national defense. This may or may not be Jindal. Its to early to know at this point.

I see no problem with teaching ID/Creationism along side evolutionary theory or how ever the school system wishes to do it. We allow any number of other theories to be taught. Why not teach ID/Creationism? If the ideas are without merit, the market place will eliminate them much as it eliminated the flat earth theory or the earth as the center of the universe theory. Being afraid of ID/Creationsim as many seem to be appears to be irrational.

The theory of human caused global warming may or may not be a hoax. People who question the theory have been viciously attacked in numerous ways. In labeling the theory a hoax, we are seeing the people who have been viciously attacked by the man caused global warming proponents and their allies in the media. The proponents of the theory should not be afraid to have an open and honest debate on the subject.

I think we can should have a debate on ID/Creationsim and we should have a thorough debate on whether or not humans are responsible for global warming. The proponents of the theory of human caused global warming and their allies in the media seem to be afraid to have this debate. They should not be.

What is clear is that the belief in human caused global warming has severly harmed our economy and our national security interests. It has left us more dependent than we need to be on others who do not like us very much to meet our energy needs and it has strengthened these enemies. Also, if we are not developing more or our own resources, this decreases the supply which raises the price that Americans must pay for gasoline and other oil based products. This has harmed us in many ways. Before we destroy our economy further and make ourselves even more vunerable to our enemies we should want to be sure we really have a problem here and that we can actually control it.

I have my own theory about man caused global warming but am willing to concede that it might not be correct. Humans are but one species on earth out of millions. We are simply not significant enough to be capable of altering the climate on a global scale. To believe that we are capable of such a thing is the height of hubris, however, I'm willing to concede I'm wrong. The supporters of global warming should also be willing to concede that they might be wrong.

We should not be afraid to debate ID/Creationsim or global warming. Finally, the Republican leadership should not be afraid to consider Bobby Jindal. Maybe he's the answer. Maybe he is not. He and whatever views he has should be given fair consideration.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 28.12.2008 @ 14:39


It is too much government regulation and interference in the market place by the Government that got us into this situation in the first place. By proposing more government intervention Bush and his advisors are simply doing more of what caused the problem in the first place.

If Bush really wants to "save" the economy, the optimal solution would be to get the Government out of the maplace all together.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 17.12.2008 @ 11:47


What kind of scandals will be breaking by this time next year? None. The main stream media will cover them all up and all alternative sources of mews media be shut down. Often times the main stream news media will cover things because they know if they don't the alternative media will and they will look stupid. This is the reason the Blago scandal is being covered. By this time next year there will be no alternative news media. Obama and his Democrat ccontrolled Congress will have shut down all sources of media in America that are not pro-Obama. As such, there will be no scandals involving Obama or his allies breaking this time next year.

If any scandals are breaking this time next year, they will be involving Obama's enemies. No illegal or unethical actions involving Obama's enemies? No problem. Team Obama and his friends in the news media will make them up. There will be no alternative news media to counter the charges.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 13.12.2008 @ 21:17



Enjoy your time off. You've earned it. Have a nice rest.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 27.11.2008 @ 12:59


Even if Palin is offering reasonable explanations to answer the charges of the McCain staffers, how many people will actually know about her rebuttals? The former McCain staffers and the main stream media have the same goal in mind. That is to destroy Sarah Palin. I hope she can find a way to answer these charges. America needs more leaders like her. It would be a real tradegdy if the media and former McCain staffers are allowed to destroy Sarah Palin. I hope she does not give up in disgust over the whole thing. America needs more leaders like her.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 6.11.2008 @ 20:17


How long it is before the Republicans challlenge the Democrats again will largely be up to the Democrats. If the policies of Barack Obama and his colleagues in the House and Senate are successful in solving the country's problems then it will be a long time before the Republicans challenge the Democrats agains. Actually I hope the policies of Mr. Obama and the Democrats are successful. If they are successful, then the country is successful. So, if the Republicans and John McCain lose, I hope it is a very long time before the Republicans challenge the Democrats again. In other words, if Mr. Obama wins, I want him and the Democrats to succeed in solving the country's problems.

While the race is not over, it does seem more likely than not that Mr. Obama will win and the Democrats will make significant gains in the House and Senate, it is premature to do a post mortem on the McCain campaign just yet. In the unlikely event that McCain wins, I would hope he and the Democrats or who ever is in charge of Congress, more than likely the Democrats, would work together to solve the country's problems.

In summary, it seems more likely than not that the Democrats will make significant gains in the House and Senate and it seems more likely than not that Mr. Obama will be the next president. If the Democrats and Mr. Obama are successful in solving the country's problems, it will indeed be a long time before the Republcans are able to challenge the Democrats again. If the Democrats are unsuccessful, then the Republicans will be able to challenge the Democrats very soon. In fact, they will be albe to retake the House and probably the Senate in two years.

What the Republicans must do is present a viable alternative to the American people. This is a limited government, fiscal responsibilty, lower taxes, personal responsibility, and a less interventionist foreign policy. As seens more likely than not and the Democrats have a huge majority in the Hosue and the Senate and they cntrol the White House, the Republicnas should try to assist the Democrats when possible and they should not be seen as obstructing the Democrats. Of course the Republicans should criticize those policies that seem unlikely to succeed and they should offer clear alternatives to those policies to the American people but they should not be seen as trying to obstruct the Democrats. If they are seen as trying to obstruct the Democrats it could indeed be a long time before the Republicans can be seen as challenging the Democrats. I don't look for the Republicans who will likely be in the minority to do much to obstruct the Democrats. The policies of the Democrats will be given every opportunity to succeed. If they fail, the Republicans will be in a position to challenge the Democrats very soon. With that said I want the Demcorats or whoever controls the American goveernment to succeed in solving the country,s problems. The country cannot afford another failed presidency. I have prayed daily for the success of our leadership and I will continue to do so no matter who leads the country. May God grant them success in solving the country,s problems.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 25.10.2008 @ 18:49



With all due respect I think you may be being overly optimistic. If the US and NATO choose to withdraw and allow the former Soviet Republics to fall back under Russain control what I wrote above is spot on. NATO is finished and, at best, the US is finished as a major power. At worst, the very survival of the country is in grave danger, however, we may be able to minimize the damage and limit this to a "black eye." The only way to do this would be to fast track membership into NATO for Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics. At this point, we would have to convince them that we are serious and will not betray them. With these new NATO allies we might be able to establish a defensible perimeter against Russia. Of course Russia will not like this. Doing any thing that makes Russia unhappy is a very risky proposition.

I think a better option would be to provide assistance to the Georgian resistance. If they are successful, we may just be able to give the Russians a black eye and turn this into a strategic defeat for them and a strategic victory for us. This is even more risky than fast tracking NATO membership for for former Soviet Republics. Of course virtually anything that is worth doing will entail a degree of risk. Generally the more worth while something is the more risks there are involved with it. The flip side is there are more opportunities with a risky propositon.

IF NATO and the US are going to establish a defensible perimeter or if we are going to assist Georgian resistance fighters, the US and other NATO countries are going to have to vastly improve their military capabilities.

If we fail here, this means we fought the Cold War for nothing. Of course maybe we no longer want to be a major power. If this is the case, perhaps Russia and China will not see us as a threat and they will leave us alone.

I marvel at the timing of this. Russia picked a perfect opportunity to provoke Georgia and Georgia picked a very challenging time to respond to the provocation. With the US in the midst of an election season Mr. Putin knew that any kind of US response would be very difficult for them to muster. Had the US chosen to assist the Georgian military in a meaningful way other than with the occasional tough rhetoric the media would have been hysterical with rage against the United States for "escalating the conflict" or something to this effect. Such a situation would make the election prospects for politicians who supported tangible help for Georgian extremely problematic.

Finally, we are not powerless to thwart Russian advances, however, it will be extremely difficult. Do nothing and we wasted everyone's time by fighting the Cold War. The Cold War is back on. Will we rise to the challenge? Do we want to? Right now it seems like we don't want to? If this remains the case, get ready for a world that is dominated by Russia and China. Is this desireable? I don't think so but we will not know for sure unless it actually happens.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 12.08.2008 @ 20:22

I suppose if we let the whole region fall back into Russian dominance the Cold War was fought for nothing. I guess NATO is finished. Oh well, if there is a small plus to this, our troops that are in Europe will be coming home soon. I guess if small countries who are allied with us are pushed by larger countries to the point that they feel a need to respond and they can't count on us to assist them they may conclude that it is pointless to be allied with the US at all. I guess if we are going to run scared every time Russia flexes its muscles we are finished as a major power. Maybe that is not so bad. The Russians and the Chinese may leave us alone if they don't see us a threat to them. It appears we will soon know what the world with Russia and China as the dominant powers without the US to act as a counterweight will be like.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 12.08.2008 @ 15:59

"And yes children we are powerless to stop it." I disagree. We are not powerless to stop it, however, any attempt to do so would be extremely risky and there is the risk of failure. Any thing that is difficult carries with it the risk of failur. Halting Russia's advance would be extremely difficult but it can be done. Ultimately the better question would be do we want to try and stop Russia;s advances?

"All we cam do it pick up the pieces when this is over. The only sure thing is Moscow will be in a much stronger position and we a much weaker one." Perhaps not. If the Russian military can be deal a decisive defeat here, it will be us who will be much stronger and Russia who will be much weaker. It seems unlikely that Georgia could do this alone. Further more it seems unlikely that the US could spare the ground forces to be of much assistance. NATO has bases in Europe and probably near the area of the fighting. They may have some planes that could be of assistance in supplying air support to the Georgians. Also, I heard that Russia is using its Navy as part of the fight. The US might be able to move some battleships and perhaps some carrier groups into the Black Sea to counter the Russian forces. Also, these carriers could possibly be used to stike at Russian targets and to assist the Georgain forces. I'm not a military expert but I think this is doable. As stated earlier, any such action would be very risky. What does seem clear it that the early 21st century is fraught with extreme dangers as well as fabulous opportunities. It also seems clear that the US may not survive if it continues to play it safe. The US definitely will not be able to reamin a major power for much lonter, if it continues to play things safe.

While the notion that there is nothing we can do about this seems to be incorrect, as stated previously the greater question is do we want to. If we do not want to remain a major power, then this action by Russia can probably go unanswered. Let the EU and Russia's former Soviet colonies worry about this. If we want to remain a major power, we will have to mount some type of aggressive response. It may not be a military response but some type of response will need to be mounted.

A major question Americans will need to ask themselves in the coming years is "do we want to be amjor power?" If the answer to this question is no, then there may be no need to confront countries like Russia, Iran, and others. If we are no longer a major power, they may not see us a threat and as a conseuqence may not bother with us.

Russia could have changed the Georgian government from within. They could have used their intellegence operatives to bring about some type of bloodless coup. Also, it seems the use of force is way beyond what would be neccessary to get Georgia to capitulate. Might this be part of a military rehearsal for a much large operation. Perhaps they are rehearsing for the a planned invasion of America.

The bottom line is we have been to focused on the so called "axis of evil." This is Iran, Syria, North Korea, and the former Iraqi government. Unfortunately we seem to have lost sight of the far greater threats of Russia and China. We are paying a steep prive for this strategic oversight now. Again, if we don't want to be a major power, we may not need to confront these nations. Americans and their leaders will need to make a decision on this very quickly. Do we want to be a major power?

If we want to be a major power, we cannot afford to retreat every time Russia or others flex their muscles. While it is risky, we can do something about this but do we want to. If we act decisively and soon, it could be Russia who ends up in a much weaker position and we could end the situation much stronger.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 11.08.2008 @ 21:42


I'm with you on this olympics thing. This post is spot on!!

During the olympics I expect to see massive displays of anti-Americanism. These protests will focus on America's foreign policy, its "racisim", its environmental policy, and any thing else they can think of. These protests will appear to be spontaneous but, in fact, they will be organized and led by the Chinese govnernment and Chinese intellegence services. This will be done becuase they hate America and it will take the spot light off of their own activities. After all few American or Western European journalist can resist the opportunity to bash America.

I hope and pray the US government is prepared for this and that they are prepared to counter this. Unfortunately given the feeble attempts of the American government to counter anti-Americanism, in the past, I hold out little hope that they will mount an effective response to the anti-American public relations campaign by the Chicoms. I pray I'm wrong of course.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 6.08.2008 @ 14:27

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