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I would not necessarily be so quick to count this man out, if he decides to run. I think he is more likely to get the nomination for over someone like Sarah Palin. That is if he decides to run. His views are certainly more in line with the people who will actually make the decisions on a nomination than say CPAC or Sarah Palin.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 24.02.2010 @ 14:26


"If this be the future of Republicaism, bring it on." While I think he aquited himself fairly well, I think we may need to hear more of what he has to say. Its hard to get a feel for him from just this interview, however, if this interview is to be any indication, he seems far better than Sarah Palin.

Anyone who runs on "resentments" as Mrs. Palin appears to be doing will likely be rejected by the American people. Most people are interested in solving real world problems rather than focusing on such things.

I would be very interested to know what Mr. Pawlenty's position is on things like drilling for our own oil and gas and building more refineries. If we do this, this would likely create large numbers of highly compensated union jobs in a fairly short amount of time (a good thing) and it would be hugely beneficial to our national security as it would mean less money from us in the hands of those who oppose interests. Perhaps in time we will learn his position on this.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 15.02.2010 @ 23:05


Yes, I think Jesse Jackson is a problem. Race hustlers of all types and hues are a problem. Racism in all forms is a problem. Thankfully it seems most people are making constructive steps to address the problem.

As to rape victims and those who are run down in the streets, its not particularly relevant to the subject but of course they should not just shut up. The important thing is to punish the actual party or parties who are guilty of the crime.

If someone "returns" to racist themes, I think it is a safe assumption the American people will reject them. In the case of some you accuse of a "return", we may be witnessing a push back of sorts. People who aren't racists do not particularly like being accused of it.

"Because the real victim is the poor, beleagured white man who is made to feel bad. I feel so sorry for you." You keep assuming I'm a white man. I never asked for your pity but I do feel bad for the American people, all of them of all races, colors, and hues. They are the real victims here.

Every time ANYONE suffers because of racism it is terrible. We can't excuse it against one group while condoning it against another group. While there clearly remains much work to do, I think most Americans recognize this.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 15.02.2010 @ 21:01

While I never intended to portray myself as a victim of any thing, I do think the country as a whole suffers from the current climate in this area and alot of other areas. Unfortunately the current situation may be to profitable for to many people on all sides for a change to be coming forth any time soon. I hope I'm wrong of course.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 15.02.2010 @ 09:01


You write about still more things that everyone knows about and attempt to say that it is "bull Sh*t" when I point this out to you. In any event, keep reminding everyone. In case we should all forget to teach these things.

Now as far as race charlatans go, I think there are a number of them of all colors, hues, and nationalities. I'm thinking Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, however, maybe not. I think there are a number of them who Hispanic, Japanese, and all other groups but again perhaps not. In any event all of it needs to be opposed.

I never tried to position myself as a victim in any way. Also, I never said I was "Arayan" either. If by "my side" you mean Republican, I detest the Republican party. I find most of it repugnant.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 15.02.2010 @ 08:55


You've just repeated things and interprations of history that everyone over the age of six is very well familar with and largely accepted by all. The media and our education system have made certain of that. The truth is slavery of all forms is evil and should be opposed.

The one thing I was not familar with was how your family was directly affected. It is true that some on both sides continue to traffic in racism. It seems to be so profitable. Most of us want to learn from our mistakes and move forward.

"But you're sick of the truth. Waah. Poor baby." I'm not sick of the truth nor am I crying, however, you seem to be rather bitter. America is very much a work in progress as are all countries. We are trying to correct prior mistakes and it is counter productive to continue flogging someone over past sins that they are trying to make amends for.

I'm not necessarily opposed to reparations nor am I opposed to some type of penalties on Lloyds of London. I'm not sure as to the mechanism of how this would be done though. Also, there will need to be a more concerted effort by all those involved to end slavery every where it is currently being practiced. All slavery is bad and should be opposed every where.

All racism should end to. The fact that another person did it to does not matter.

I suspect if neo nazis or ku klux klans persones of today tried to enter a major American city Americans would act the smae way the Germans did. I applaud them. They deserve credit. Americans do as well. If we don't learn from the past, we are doomed to repeat it. As such, it is a good thing every American over the age of six knows every thing you posted. Please continue to remind everyone in case the media or public education should ever forget to tell us.

While we should never forget, little is accomplished by continuing to flog Aemricans over this. After all, we don't flog Germans, we shouldn't treat Americans any differently.

When I say race does not play a big role for the average person, I'm talking about today, right now. While there remains much work to do, we've come a long way and credit should be given where it is due.

I wonder how many of these neo nazis who tried to enter Dresden got killed. If KKK officials or neo nazis tried a public demonstration here, I suspect they would not last very long without police protection. Its that free speech thing that would probably mean they get police protection.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 15.02.2010 @ 01:04

The suggestions proposed by Mr. Ryan seem to be a step in the right direction. I suspect something like them will be implemented at some point in the future if for no other reason than they are necessary. I just hope all political parties can work together on this. (I suspect if the Republican party survives at all it will break up into several different parties.)

The other option is for the country to declare bankruptcy and begin negotiations with the creditors. At this point, it may be possible to negotiate settlements with the major creditors while maintaining some level of dignity.

I suspect the American government maintains control of much valuable property. Perhaps this property could be sold and the proceeds used to pay off the creditors. This along with Mr. Ryan's plan or something like it and we might just be able to pay off the national debt and avoid bankruptcy. In any event, this plan is a step in the right direction. Kudos to Mr. Ryan for bringing it up.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 14.02.2010 @ 22:38


I never made any reference to my skin color in my post. This is not relevant to the topic at hand. Also, I made no reference to being a guy here either. Again, not relevant to the conversation. The point I was trying to make is self evident I think. Nothing else needs to be written into it. I'm tired of America being acused of being a racist vile country. While it like all countries has its flaws it is not inherently any worse than other nations. In fact, I think its better in many ways. For the record, I don't resent any one here. I may have some disagreements with some here but no resentments.

I don't like being accused of being a racist as you seem to imply. Such accusations are false. I don't make judgements against any one based on skin color. I would like to think most people don't but obviously some do. Since I don't think race plays a big role or any role for that matter for the average person, I'm tired of America being accused of being a racist nation.

For the record I think there are race hustlers on all sides. It needs to stop.

Richard (#13),

You didn't accuse me of holding you responsible for any thing. My statements were meant as general statements. I apologize for any misunderstandings.

Ed (# 29),

I think we could certainly spend alot less on the military. There probably is alot of waste in the system, however, I would not necessarily be so quick to rule out the necessity of fighting a big stand up confrontation again in the future. With China a major power, a resurgent Russia, and India an up and coming power there is a real possibilty of a major military confrontation with any of these countries or a combination of them. This is not to say that it has to happen but that it could happen and if we are going to be a major power it is in our interests to be ready to fight such a war. At the very least, we should retain the industrial capacity to build the tanks, the APCs, and the pin point artilery on short notice.

Of course if we don't want to remain a major world power we could probably do without all of this. This is a very serious question that America and its leaders need to ask themselves. "Do we want to be a major world power?" If the answer to this question is yes, then the follow up question should be "can we remain a major world power?" With our massive national debt and other issues we face we may not be in a position where we can remain a major world power even if we want to.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 14.02.2010 @ 22:03


I think it would be fair to say that certain elements of private enterprise have been adopted by China and Russia while maintaining the same state control that is a hall mark of communism. After all, if someone tried to criticize Vladimir Putin or the leaders of China their lives would be very short and their assets would be seized by the state.

In the United States we don't really have a private enterprise/capitalist system. It is a hybrid that currently swings much closer to socialism. I think it would be fair to say that certain big corporations such as Goldman Sachs and some of the big banks have currently found a way to reap the benefits of private enterprise without the risks normally associated with it. Time will tell how long this can last.

I thought all tea party members were neo nazi racists. At least this is what the media tells me. Oh well we can't believe every thing the media tells us.

"The only significant role of Communism these days is that of political boogey man." Who is using it as a political boogey man. It seems to me that everyone wants to take credit for its demise. Besides your statement does illustrate the point. Any one who dares point out the dangers will be labled by the media as refering to a boogey man. After all, most people don't think the boogey man exists do they?

I think this could be part of the plan. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being pure free enterprise and 1 being pure Communism, the United States ranks about a 3 right now and is drifting closer to 1 as this is being written. I do not expect either party to alter the trajectory unless they are forced to do so. It appears to me that Communism is very much alive and well.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 12.02.2010 @ 16:59


I agree with you that we must remember the evils of the past so that they are not repeated, however, we cannot hold the people today responsible for what past generations did or did not do. For example, no one of any consequence holds Germans of today accountable for the holocaust. If any one attempted to do so, they would no doubt be slammed by the media and pretty much everyone. By the same token it would be wrong to hold people of today responsible for the past sins of America or any other country.

All of us can remember every time we have been insulted in some way. My eye sight is quite poor. I've been insulted numerous times over many years because of this. I'm sorry you were mistreated back in 1960 or any other time. If there was some way I could help you I would, however, I'm not responsible for what happened then nor is the modern GOP. By the same token the modern Democratic party is not responsible for the social programs that a previous generation of Democrats tried to institute that almost ruined my life. I hold no malice toward current Democrats over this.

Also, I would hope that Mr. Buckley's views have changed over time as those of most Americans have. Besides Mr. Buckley hardly has much influence over the Republican party of today. I would hope that Republicans and you can work through your differences and work constructively together. As a starting point, old grievences should be forgiven, however, this is a problem for you and Republicans to work out.

The American people as a whole have jettisoned such thinking. Credit should be given where it is due. I suspect the Republican party will be extinct soon. It will probably split into several different parties. How this affects the Democratic party remains to be seen. Will some of these new parties attract some Democrat voters? Time will tell.

As to members of the tea parties not reacting to the actions of Mr. Bush on deficit spending or any thing else, I think the boiled frog analogy fits here. During the Bush tenure the frogs, in this case the American people, did not realize they were being boiled. Now they do. As such, they want out of the pot. In this case a change in Government. I don't think they are pleased with either Democrats or Republicans right now. Does this help Republicans? I don't know. It depends upon whether they can offer a viable alternative. So far I don't see it.

In any event, the tea party movement is hardly very relevant. No candidate endorsed by them is going to get the Republican nomination and no candidate wants to be to close to them right now. It is some what a mystery why the media is so obssessed with them. Perhaps it is because they seem to like Sarah Palin whom they despise. Mrs. Palin has no chance to be elected to any office at any time. The obssession with her is some what strange.

Comment Posted By B.Poster On 12.02.2010 @ 16:30

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