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The GOP leadership runs Congress and they let this Sicko have access to children for months of not years. After questions were raised, they kept it secret. Was it due to incompetence, indifference or greed to keep in power? I don't care. It's immoral.

No parent has the right to stop an investigation - they should hav elookind at the guy's emails to the kid. There's no privacy for "personal" use of government equipment. The boy's parent can withdraw the complaint but the damn facts say the boy complained so investigate because it involves the safty of children. Maybe Congress can't press charges without a formal complaint but looking into the matter -- reading emails sent on government equipment -- Congress would find out he's a closet gay and pervert.

Yes, the man's a closet gay -- they should have outed him years ago if they really support traditional family values and social issues. He's gay and preying on children left in his care. Disgusting.

Comment Posted By Aztrias On 30.09.2006 @ 15:18



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