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"But we must demand he go much farther in condemning the wild, out of control explosion of charges being made by his supporters that tar opposition to his policies as motivated solely by race. I realize this is very difficult for him to do because he benefits politically by this ridiculous, false, and hateful rhetoric coming from the left. But as long as his allies continue to deliberately, knowingly, and smugly raise the issue of race and use it as a political club, he will be seen as giving such deceitful arguments credence by the wink and the nudge."
Besides you, Mr. Dreher, and Dave Frum what folks on the right are doing the corollary that you're requesting the president and his allies do.

I mean, can't the exact same thing be said about the language coming from some quarters on the right. Aren't some folks on the right knowingly and smugly using race as a club (well I've never seen his birth certificate... I'm looking at you Senator Shelby).

Southern GOP field offices emailing racist literature to web groups, signs at rallies with Obama sitting in a watermelon patch while dressed in safari grass with a bone in his nose, one of the Tea Party organizers on national TV calling the president a Kenyan welfare thug.

A white southern Congressman calling a 50 year black man a “boy” while another calls him “uppity ". This stuff is just unreal. And we should be honest and call this the race baiting that it is.

Shouldn't there be folks on the right going farther to condemn this out of control vitriol that IS based on the president's race? Perhaps this is difficult to do because appeals to racial resentment have been beneficial politically to some folks in the GOP. I don't know.

I've read your blog for about two years now and you appear to be very sincere in aiming for a reasoned discourse.

But look at the flak you take from people on the right when you point out the real obvious stuff. Just reflect on the pushback you experienced after your essay taking down the birthers and Geoff Davis this summer.

If folks can't see that calling a grown black man a boy and that passing out images of President Obama in jungle garb, with a bone in his nose, IS racially antagonistic then reasoned dialogue isn't possible.

Comment Posted By Augustine On 19.09.2009 @ 09:38


@ Phoenix

Hmmm. So I guess Halle Berry, Rosa Parks, Adam Clayton Powell, Sally Hemmings, Frederick Douglass, W.E.b DuBois, Ralph Bunche, Lena Horne, Booker T. Washington, Elijah McCoy, Benjamin Banneker, Langston Hughes, etc..etc..they aren't "really" black right? LOL.

Comment Posted By Augustine On 19.09.2009 @ 09:56


@ Watcher

Why did he pick the Holocaust Museum? Why did he wear a confederate flag hat? Why did he write a missive that the american right never acts, all they do is talk? Why did he opine that white men are being laughed at by blacks and jews and that can't be tolerated? Yeah, he's a flaming red diaper liberal that guy.

Comment Posted By Augustine On 13.06.2009 @ 09:26

@ Dale

If what John Cole posted on his blog is correct, Mr. Vonn Brunn entered the museum with a confederate flag hat and left a note in his car that said the American Right Wing is all talk and no action. Why did this man even feel comfortable identifying and associating any of his ideas with the american right?

With the Abdul Hakim shooting it was pretty linear for many conservative bloggers and pundits, black guy = dem = liberal = shot a U.S. Army recruiter = typical american hating lefty. LMAO. Somehow that tu quoque defense isn't really satisfying is it?

Comment Posted By Augustine On 13.06.2009 @ 09:16



You really call that an apology? I mean, the source of the dispute as it stands now is about the "outing", Mr. Whelan apologized for calling him a coward and and idiot. In fact he still appears dismissive of Publius' reasons for wanting to remain anonymous, and that's fine, but I wouldn't call his response an apology.

Comment Posted By Augustine On 8.06.2009 @ 14:31


You don't think that sometimes these stories just sound crazy from the outset? The idea that a Presdential administration would be involved in closing dealerships because they are owned by Republicans just sounds crazy from the word go.

I live in Detroit and have family that worked / works at DCX and DCX has been in trouble for a long time. Those dealership closing were a long time coming.

The local press, Detroit News, Oakland Press, Heritage News, Crains Detroit Business - they would have been all on this story if it had legs;Daniel Howes at The Detroit News in particular.

Wouldn't people think to check out the Michigan Press first? In fact the local conservative paper ( The Detroit News )has fantastic coverage of Ford, DCX, and GM. If this didn't pass the smell test for The Detroit News and Crains Detroit Business, there was a reason for it.

Is it really naive to roll your eyes when you hear these kind of " the man is out to get us " conspiracy like tales? Maybe you're that cynical, but to me the whole story had a Michelle Obama's Whitey tape feel to it.

Comment Posted By Augustine On 29.05.2009 @ 14:24

What about the Whitey tape

Comment Posted By Augustine On 29.05.2009 @ 13:58


I'm not old enough to remember all the details surrounding the appointment of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. But I have to think that G.H. Bush was giving a sly smile at the idea of having Dems oppose a black american to the court. Identitiy politics cuts both ways doesn't it?

Comment Posted By Augustine On 27.05.2009 @ 14:52

"I accept there will be a liberal, activist justice. I don’t accept that someone this whacked out will be confirmed."

What exactly is the term " this whacked out" intended to represent? From what I've read this woman is a typical liberal jurist. Why don't you give us your example of a " liberal activist " judge that isn't " whacked out". Please point to decisions where this woman is beyond the pale in liberal ideology.

Hell, many liberals are complaining she isn't liberal enough or intelligently liberal enough to compete with the Scalia / Roberts wing of the court. ( Rosen @ TNR ).

My sense is that any liberal justice is going to be " too whacked out " for you, stop hiding your contempt of Dems / Libs behind Sotomayor's robes.

Comment Posted By Augustine On 27.05.2009 @ 14:43


Let me guess retire05, the blacks in New Orleans were the lazy whiners and the white folks in Mississippi are the ones who wanted to work right? LOL!! Talk about a tired ass narrative...if only those savages would have appreciated your help!!

Comment Posted By Augustine On 16.07.2008 @ 15:16



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