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It would seem that what is considered the epitome of a foreign policy success is Cambodia, Rwanda and the shameful betrayal of the Vietnamese.

As long as the dead are "gooks" and "wogs" it doesn't matter. They can tell Mr. and Mrs. Average American that they have kept their lily-white sons from dying to free the dusky heathen., who is incapable of managing a civilized society anyhow.

They may talk about "human rights" and the dignity of man. But they're not about to do anything beyond lip service. They're all for the dirty business of freeing the "oppressed" as long as it's someone else getting their hands dirty. They want to do it by remote control.

But when the bombs come home, when the planes strike the towers, then they will whine "why didn't someone do something?"

If not us, who? And if not now, when?

Comment Posted By Aslmm On 28.11.2006 @ 22:54



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