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# 375 Frank IBC...ref: strikeouts

No doubt those dratted "Men in Black" again.

/if a sac tag necessary?

Comment Posted By Aridog On 15.09.2007 @ 17:54

Whether or not the 4 blips could have been isolated is merely the first step. Beyond that, there is no legal precedent nor statutory foundation for the US Military to intercept and shoot down a US flag common carrier aircraft originating within the US borders. There are very limited circumstances where the Commander in Chief (..e.g., the President) could order such an action. In this case (there are other legal instances regarding insurrection), it would require confirmed knowledge that the threat originated out side of the US, came across the borders, and was now resident in the US using US carriers by hijack or other proxy. No senior military commander would execute such an order without that assurance. See, it's a unique feature of our military that they not only must follow orders, but they must also be capable of evaluating the legality of those orders.

Once you understand the above, 1 to 2 hours time is insufficient to resolve the unprecendented events of 9/11 and proceed to legally shoot down aircraft. Based upon a couple decades of first hand experience, I can suggest to you that the US Military has no standing mission to defend against internal threats.

Comment Posted By Aridog On 15.09.2007 @ 17:10

Mr Bolinger, sounds to me like you've not only joined the jury but have assumed the role of judge as well. Once upon a time we'd have called that a "Vigilence Committee."

Comment Posted By Aridog On 15.09.2007 @ 16:41



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