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*in today’s political [climate].

Comment Posted By Apollyon On 12.11.2005 @ 17:25


I guess you missed my point altogether. Granted, I should have made my “campus” question clearer for you. It was liberals who put this policy [deferment] in place so that the option was available to defer service. And this option was taken advantage by all Americans who attended college. However, it was a Republican administration that abolished this policy forcing the silver spooned brat from Vermont having too fight along side the white boy driving 18 wheelers from Texas. Don’t forget it was a Republican that ended the war in Vietnam which was started by a Democrat; albeit a Democrat who would clearly be considered a Republican in today’s political atmosphere.

Dr. Victorino,

Go get yourself fitted for a burka. Or you can do what they do in many Crapistans throughout the Middle East. Find a 7th century couscous bag and cut out some eye holes. You’ll look like your average muslim woman. Oh how those enlightened Mohammedan cultists treat their women. If only those neanderthal conservatives were as kind. I hear it’s calming down in France. The molotov throwing paristinians are only burning 400 cars a night now. What did you think of that display of muslim courage a week ago in France when some bottom feeding Algerian jihadis set an elderly woman on fire? Are we to tolerate this under the banner of multiculturalism?

Comment Posted By Apollyon On 12.11.2005 @ 17:23


Great post Rick. God bless your family. My family is also a military family albeit former Soviet military.

Comment Posted By Apollyon On 12.11.2005 @ 12:29


Actually Rick, the author was correct in claiming "largest" battle. My mistake; I mistook it for him implying that Verdun was the bloodiest.

Comment Posted By Apollyon On 11.11.2005 @ 12:03

Rick, I know you didn't make the claim but rather the author you cited. In the Battle of Stalingrad there were about 1.6 million killed between the Soviets and the nazi rats. As far as largest battle, Verdun very well may have been that battle. I just wanted to point out that the bloodiest battle in human history was Stalingrad, and is almost without exception acknowledged as such.

Once again, excellent article Rick.

Comment Posted By Apollyon On 11.11.2005 @ 11:56

Excellent stuff. I haven’t read much about al-Qaeda’s hand in this but I wouldn’t be the least surprised. I completely agree on your analysis of France. Here is my take on the islamofascist influence. The madras’s all over France that are preaching death to the very host country offering these dregs the welfare and freedoms to kill them with will bring France to its knees. These little ayatollahs running rampant throwing molotov’s have been listening to calls for jihad since they were little paristinians. They are a barbaric culture. Look at what was recently done to three Catholic YOUNG GIRLS walking to class in Indonesia; a couple of filthy primitive Mohammedan throat cutters attacked the girls and decapitated them. These islamists have tasted the French response to their intifada, and they have won. The absolutely cowardly response of the French and Chirac The Gutless™ has emboldened the fire starters and they have begun shooting at cops, beating women police officers nearly to death, POURED GASOLINE ON AN ELDERLY WOMEN AND SET HER ABLAZE ALIVE!!!....They stop busses, force the occupants off, and torch the bus. Anarchy is at the muslims whim now. This was the first salvo, the next will be worse. France has shown it is unwilling to save itself. Capitulation is not self preservation. I would have shot anyone rioters or Molotov throwers immediately. I say about 200 dead little jihadis and that should restore order. If not, 200 more. And so on….

Robert Graves: “Verdun was by far and away the largest battle in human history.”……The battle of Verdun doesn’t even come close to the bloodiest battle in human history. Stalingrad holds the bloody title. How R. Graves could be so off is surprising considering there were approx 750,000 killed at Verdun while Stalingrad had approx 1.6 million killed. And the Russians would do it again if Bastards of Humanity™ marched upon the gates of Moscow. Russia has not been infected by the liberal quisling disease, yet, and as a Russian immigrant I don’t think it could ever happen. Just ask the Chechen islamist throat cutters.

Comment Posted By Apollyon On 11.11.2005 @ 01:14


Supposing evolution becomes an absolute verifiable fact as many believe it is, I don’t see how that promotes the idea of no God. For me, it would be greater confirmation....I also have never understood why some have the idea that you cannot believe in God and science simultaneously.......

Comment Posted By Apollyon On 3.08.2005 @ 00:31



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