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Rick: You managed to unearth every liberal who up to now has been hiding under a rock. Ever heard of piling on? I really don't mind any of the anti-Coulter rant, but I must take exception to censorship. In any form! How can you play into the hands of anyone who would write to a media source to block someone's 1st amendment rights. As you can plainly see from the numerous response to your "Coulter Fatigue" everyone has an opinion to express and they all have the same free speech right. Whenever I listen to any group think, I am reminded of Daniel Elsberg, Senator McCarthy and some long forgotten radio/TV sponsors that dictated what they wanted shown or heard, and what was actually shown. What gall! Whenever anyone attempts to censor another, whether Ann Coulter, Bill Maher, Rush Limbaugh or Capt. Bob Emery we are rushing headfirst down a slippery slope of totalitarianism.
As Voltaire once said, "I don't agree with what you say, But I shall defend to the death your right to say it."
Take heart my learned friends.

Comment Posted By Anthony J. Lafauce On 5.03.2007 @ 08:25

Rick: I am a little saddened to read your anti-Coulter rant. Aside from denying her a 1st amendment right to her opinions albeit her reasons for those opinions, don't you think someone has to express conservative ideas in a more enphatic way. I'm sick to death as well; I'm sick to death of Rep. Murtha and his liberal nonsense, I'm sick to death of border guards sentenced to jail for doing the job for which they were hired. I'm sick to death of gay's hollering about their civil rights as I am sick to death of blacks whining about their rights and that goes for the women't right to privacy crap and the rights of terrorists and the rights of felons etc, etc, etc. I think of all the times I have backed a so-called conservative candidate only to listen as he moved to the center, that is he moves to the center while the likes of Hillary also moves to the center. Consequently the center has become the leftist haven. They have so totally occupied the center that when a conservative tries to occupy the same space, his rants are so similar to that of the left that there is only one credible source of what reality is. So Ann Coulter in her attempt to show by hyperbole what that reality is, has to suffer not only liberal wrath but the wrath of some very liberal conservatives as well.
Now don't get me too at odds with you, you are still a good essayist, even though if I had some of your writings in my composition class, you would flunk just because of your poor grammar and sentence structure.
The simple truth is that far left liberalism has taken over the college campuses is America. The have been spewing leftist hate America propaganda for years without a modicum of upbradeing. If I were a foreign despot and wanted to defeat the Super Power American democracy, all it would take is a gradual left indoctrination and a little patience. Then just sit back and watch American as they start to eat their young. The Coulter-Horowitz agenda is to stop the PC left from totally indoctrinating our youth. They have been at it for years, and believe me Horowitz knows the left. So how then can you rail against the only voice of reason in the conservative party? Why didn't you rant when John Edwards was talking to babies in the womb insisting to a jury of idiots that they were calling to him for justice? I won't the millions he made from his garbage. When John Murtha was calling for troop withdrawal from the combat zone? The left, in a joint effort with the "NYT has a free "get out of jail card" when it comes to their protests, no one conservative voice in unison calls them to task, I look around and just shake my head and "Tsk, Tsk", but when one conservative dares to exceed the Brahmin code of decency, let her be anathema.
No sir, this time I will not be swayed from my defense of Ms Coulter, if shock is the only way to get someone's attention then so-be-it. If the college campus is the only way to rally the students and exaggeration and hyperbole are the tools with which to reach them, again so-be-it. When they (the conservative students association) dared to run a "Find the Immigrant" game, where were you protesting their right to peacefully assemble??
It pains me to see the conservatives erode when one of their own dares to step across an imaginary line of descency. It pains me when the only intrepid voice within the movement is castigated by the very movement she has tried to uphold.
I shall not end this post with a threat as liberal wont to do. No I shall continue to read your postings when they make sense, and I shall continue to write when I think you are wrong. Further, I would like you to take the time to re-read your 6 points of anti-American attempt at silencing Ms Coulter and then think about the denying of her Constitutional Rights and your position as a conservative, think for a moment, isn't that just what the left would do?

Comment Posted By Anthony J. Lafauce On 3.03.2007 @ 12:29



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