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OK, that should be principLES, before someone accuses me of accusing Republicans of being out to get school administrators. *g*

Comment Posted By Annie On 4.11.2008 @ 16:55

Old Paws has it nailed.

I believe it was Reagan's second run (I voted for him the first time and that was the last time I voted Republican) when discussing the election with a friend and how we intended to vote, I heard "But... BUT... THE DEMOCRATS WILL RAISE YOUR TAXES!!!!" What came out of my mouth in response then is even more apt now some 20 years later: I would rather have a Democrat in my wallet than a Republican in my womb. It was also about that time that the head of the Republican party here in Houston was Stephen Hotze who openly advocated replacing the Constitution with Biblical law. Yeah, that's troubling. Even moreso because it has been well proven since that it wasn't a momentary fluke or regional lapse in sanity - it has only grown in influence.

I don't know what "conservatism" is anymore beyond the actions and directions taken by the self-proclaimed "conservative" party the past 15 years or so. Sure isn't the party of my staunch Republican parents or mine in my youth. No, I don't believe all Republicans think this way - I know they don't as this blog is so demonstrative of (thanks, Rick, that's why I read you) - but the willingness of the party to not only abide, but actively court and embrace, this authoritarian, bigoted, hateful fringe is abhorent to me and clearly many, many others whose numbers are growing. Actual policy discussions, good productive debates, have been lost it seems, replaced by screaming "I'm more moral than you are!" pointlessness.

When the Republican party returns to a belief in the importance of upholding the Constitution, (rather than the determined effort to destroy its principals as it has the past 8 years), in this SECULAR nation as was intended by its founders, and once again decides to represent all, rather than corporations and the wealthy few... count me in.

Comment Posted By Annie On 4.11.2008 @ 16:49



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