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I'm sick and tired of those whiney moonbats doing their Dan Rather on Ann Coulter. All liberals are traitors. Joe McCarthy was good. I really loved when Ann suggested we should assassinate Jimmy Carter. And wasn't she right on when asking, "Where is the Aryan Brotherhood when you need them." She was the only one who had the guts to say that Pat Tillman couldn't have been a liberal and his family couldn't possibly be angry about what happened to him. She's been right from the beginning on Iraq. God is on our side and Ann is His Messenger. And to those who say she's just Paris Hilton with a codpiece and an Adam's Apple, I say you can't stand being around a powerful and beautiful woman. Her and Michelle Malkin--man, what babes. And I hope she goes right on tweaking those Liberals; what we need is an army of Ann Coulters. If we had one, our troops would be winning over in Iraq and everyone here would be in church worshipping the Soldier on the Cross. A Dick Cheney twenty-one gun salute to Miss Ann.

Comment Posted By AlwaysRight On 7.06.2006 @ 17:55



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