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If somebody truly thinks that this type of name-calling is wrong, the first and best thing that one can do is clean up his or her own writing. That is to say, start with "the person in the mirror", and make your own writing follow the standards that you wish others would adopt towards you. Refusal to do so makes one a hypocrite.

I am amused by people on the right and the left who say, "My side is saintly and nice and, though, there may be a few of us who step over the line, we are always ready to demand better of them. Your side is not."

Has anybody ever noticed that people on both sides say this, and say so with equal conviction?

It's because this is how bigotry works. They turn a deaf ear to the bigotry and hate-mongering of political allies. They don't hear it. They only hear the bigotry and hate-mongering of political opponents. It is, then, no wonder that the bigotry and hate-mongering of political opponents sounds louder to them.

Ultimately, I hold that the "political partisan" -- whether on the left or the right -- is one of the lowest forms of creature on the planet and the cause of most of our ills. Anybody who places their identity in either the conservative or the liberal camp will inevitably blind himself to the moral crimes of others in his village, to the detriment of all.

Comment Posted By Alonzo Fyfe On 22.06.2006 @ 20:56



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