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I suppose the last thing this subject needs right now is another theory why BS baffles brains, but hey, what the heck.
When thinking why this Leopold character is willing to put his journalistic career deeper into the abyss, the only pattern of behavior similar is that of a gambler or inside trader. When it is possible to manipulate the opinions of others to gain a profit, those greedy enough will get lost in the game. Now I'm not sure if this guy is after egotistical or financial satisfaction, but my brows hit the roof when I noted the words "Insider trader" on a posted resume. ( All information yet to be confirmed ).
I'm sure with a bit of deft searching on the world wide web, you would be able to find bookmaker or trading odds on the demise of Karl Rove.
Hhhmmm, maybe I'm putting two and two together and getting seven, but if I was a greedy sod with a sea of sycophants ready to believe in my words, a hefty sum could be made over the course of a year.
Of course this is all conjecture!!!

Comment Posted By Alman On 15.05.2006 @ 12:37



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