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"But what I like EVEN MORE is reading the angry comments by right wingers who think that a rational intelligent approach somehow equivalent with a Liberal or Leftist view. And it is especially funny because - indeed - if being rational IS equivalent to being Liberal or Left then that is not actually a bad thing. The opposite is being irrational and dumb. Do right wingers actually want to be labeled irrational and dumb?"

"Sorry, but you’re a little out of the loop up there in Mooseland."

Is that what you mean by "rational intelligent approach"? Looks more like an emotional attack coming from the Left, thus the comparisons.

Anyway you hit the nail on the head. Real right-wingers DO NOT want NOT to be labeled "irrational and dumb". They want to prevent socialism, tyrany, limiting of free speech, inequality before the law etc. These things mean to them quite more than being labeled "irrattional" by their foes. Thus they won't take a dump (although they may ofcourse disagree) on their side now and then because the rhetoric is too emotional for them. This Rick guy on the other hand is all about avoiding being labeled "irrational and dumb" and if it requires occasional dumping so be it.

In this particular instance the rhetoric is only marginally over-the-top given Ezekiel Emanuel's thoughts. But it evidently was too much for this guy's precious ego. He may be labeled "dumb" you know. Now that's serious.

The problem with such guys is you know when they will stab in the back you next, whatever rhetoric they will deem "excessive" and "unfair" next and attack you on that.

Did referring to "Death Panels" advance the debate on our side or hurt it?

With people who think like you, evidently not. But then, you're already convinced - as am I - that this is a horrible proposal for health care reform.

For others? I don't see how anyone can rationally say that it helped the cause. And if it did it by scaring people unnecessarily, then it is dishonest, rotten politics and I want no part of it.


Comment Posted By AlexD On 9.08.2009 @ 15:19

The last time I've been here this idiot was assaulting Rush. Keep up a great work, dude. Does Left even have those who are nominally on their side but are always eager to attack them for whatever points they deem "unfair". I sure hope they do.

Comment Posted By AlexD On 9.08.2009 @ 09:33



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