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Lovely prose, but a neglect of the lie Bush gave in reply to Helen Thomas' question. All, including Rick, who paid attention to the president and his staff during those days of December '02 and Jan.-Feb. '03 know that our POTUS wanted to go to war while he was saying he didn't want to. We can prove this to ourselves today by just going back and reading those sequential newspapers. Even the Wall Street Journal. You don't even have to cite the smirk on his face (now and then). Why else did he downgrade Saddam's written report and the UN weapons search team in December and the pooh-pooh Blixt and El Baradei by telling then he was cutting their effort short and ordering them before they had a chance. Thousands upon thousands died.

Comment Posted By Alan W. Uhl On 1.04.2006 @ 17:26



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