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What a lovely picture you paint! What's that sound I hear? The wheezing death-rattle of anti-intellectual "conservatism"? How mah-valous!


P.S. No disrespect intended, but you don't know squeeze about Israel. I lived there for years, speak the lingo, and belive me, they'll do just fine with President Obama. It's Grampy McCain who's the real menace.

Comment Posted By Aiala On 1.11.2008 @ 22:43


My, my!

Anger management classes, anyone?


Comment Posted By Aiala On 7.10.2008 @ 11:58

Here's my latest seditious post that Mr. Moran censored this morning. Of course, he has every right to do so. It is his blog. The fact that I don't know what I'm talking about and contribute nothing except repeating Democratic party talking points ad nauseum proves that not only am I a dunce but worse, a fruit fly has more brains than I do.

It makes me question why I even come to this site - all you people are so much smarter than I am. Come to think of it, I think I will, in fact, go to a site more suited to my intellectual temperment.

I wonder if they have an age limit on the Romper Room site?

"And the sad fact is John McCain, as a member of the party in power in the White House, has about as much credibility on the economy as my pet cat Snowball."

Actually, simply by not spouting idiocies --"the fundamentals of the economy are strong"-- Snowball has far greater credibility than McCain.

28 days until the Enlightenment!

Comment Posted By Aiala On 7.10.2008 @ 11:41


"It’s surely the end of the world as we know it."

Aye! T'is a consummation devoutly to be wished.


Comment Posted By Aiala On 6.10.2008 @ 23:39

Good morning, doomed right-wingers!

I assume Mr. Moran will censor this post, since that seems to be his current modus operandi for silencing folks with whom he disagrees, but in any event, those of you still enamored of independent thought may find this rather eye-opening:



Comment Posted By Aiala On 6.10.2008 @ 10:57


Good afternoon, Mr. Larius. (Wonderful handle, BTW!)

Lest there be any doubt, I am a "she".

And yes, I would readily concede that MSNBC is hyper-partisan for the Obama/Biden ticket. (Duh!) So is CNN, although to a slightly lesser extent. But it seems to me that anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size will admit that FOX is biased to the right. So, what's the big deal? There are NO "unbiased" networks left --except maybe CSPAN, but I can't say for sure because I don't watch it-- and any protestations to the contrary are just plain silly.

Finally, I am no fan of Obama. I wanted Hillary, and when she didn't get it I was seriously drawn to McCain before he surrounded himself with recycled Bushbots and attack drones. But it was his truly insane pick of Palin --catering to the absolute worst that America has to offer-- that killed off any possibility of my supporting him.

As for Mr. Moran, it is indeed his playground and his ball and of course he should run things as he sees fit, including censoring me when I get under his skin. As for unfavorably contrasting my political acumen with that of Snowball the cat, why, I don't doubt it for a minute. As it happens, my own kitty, Xena, is immeasurably wiser than Mr. Moran, although she evinces little interest in politics.


Comment Posted By Aiala On 3.10.2008 @ 15:12

"...STILL doing the ad hominem attack on commenters…"

Yup. And not only that, censoring my follow-up post.

But it's no surprise. You see, that's the problem with conservatives. Their sense of humor is in inverse proportion to how far behind they fall in the polls. Sad, but predictable. Despair isn't fun at all.


Comment Posted By Aiala On 3.10.2008 @ 13:50

"...and that’s why she won the debate by 87% on the FOX text messaging poll."

Actually, I think it's more likely because 87% of FOX viewers are of the knuckledragging persuasion.


Are you seriously suggesting that MSNBC viewers aren't as shamelessly and stupidly partisan as you are for Obama?

Get real. Your analysis of last night's debate is shallow, stupid, non-objective, without any redeeming value whatsoever. You are easily one of the biggest hacks that visits this site - mindlessly mouthing Democratic talking points. It is obvious you have no independent understanding of politics. You are governed by a robotic allegiance to one point of view.

My cat Snowball knows more about politics than you do. So why don't you do everyone a favor and go to some site where your comments will be appreciated? Say, the DNC website.


Comment Posted By Aiala On 3.10.2008 @ 10:49

Well, the right-wing spinners are all orgasmic this morning, which was entirely predictable (assuming that Caribou Barbie didn't spontaneously combust, which she did not.)

Nonetheless, Biden looked and sounded ready to lead the nation, while Palin came off as some sort of burbling cross between Gomer Pyle and an airhead beauty pageant runner-up, spike heels and all.

Nothing's changed. Obama is going to clean McCain's clock in 33 days. Thank goodness.


Comment Posted By Aiala On 3.10.2008 @ 09:35

'Unleash' Palin? Get Real

That's some pretty facile attempting to draw any parallels between Obama and Palin. Do we just ignore the fact that Palin probably couldn't even READ an issue of the Harvard Law Review, let alone edit it??
Okay, so she's an imbecile. Why is that a problem? Lots of imbeciles make it to high office. (Look at the current president.) I think it's a terrific idea to "let her be herself". Maybe she'll hit a home run. And if she doesn't, it's bound to be the best television comedy in a long, long while.

Comment Posted By Aiala On 29.09.2008 @ 11:25

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