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"And the reason these and other vital debates are taking place between conservatives is because liberals refuse to engage at any level on any serious issues. It’s hate Bush all day, all the time, and may the devil take the rest."

Really? I had not noticed any debate on the conservative side - I do, however hear an awful lot of name-calling and accusation of treason should liberals even have the audacity to give their opinions.

And, honestly, I would like to take a day off from Bush-hating. I really would. But damned if every day he and his adminstration don't give me yet another reason. Today's?

Tom Delay being given a seat on Appropriations Commitee that will be investigating the Jack Abramoff "scandal"

Now, really, how can you stomach that? Not as a republican or democrat, but as an American? As a critically thinking human being? Can you see justice being done?

Comment Posted By Agnok On 13.02.2006 @ 13:16



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