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"Florence Said:
11:59 pm

You tighty-righties should all get down on your knees and pray that we don’t line you all up against a gay bathhouse wall."

Why is it that leftist insult and name call during the course of a discussion? Really simple: the left's positions are so completely preposterous that they can't defend themselves and go name-calling. Florence, you proved my point that I have been explaining for weeks to my friends: Leftists really don't have anything left but name-calling and hyperbole.

Comment Posted By Adrienne Tee On 4.11.2006 @ 00:22


The Democrats were more responsible for what happened on 9/11 and they know it at least subconsciously. This is the reason that want to reject any chance people might see the truth. Yes the Bush administration had their chance to do something about what happened but the reality is that the Clinton Administration was 75% of the problem and Bush Adminstration 25% of the problem but the leftists want to make Bush's 25% suddenly become 100%.

This reminds me so much of Katrina: Democratic Leaders were mostly responsible for what happened in NOT getting the people evactuated, NOT getting the levees fixed, and NOT policing the city after the disaster struck. Yet even though FEMA was 10% responsible for failings thata 10% suddenly becomes 100% and pinned to Bush.

If nothing else the Left is the best in the world at propaganda and spin. I guess when you dont have ideas or leadership or a plan for the future you need to be good at something to dupe all the people you can to vote for you.

Comment Posted By Adrienne Tee On 8.09.2006 @ 18:29



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