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The war against our brothers in Palestine and Lebanon and all other Muslim countries ,Know that same fate which befalls us will befall you, in history nations have gained an upperhand over another nation but what happened to the mightier nation it was destroyed. Every Nation has their time in success but when the nation that holds sway oppressos other nations know that their downfall will not happen upon the hands of other men but Upon Allah (GOD) for verily god has declared oppression upon himself haram (forbidden) so what about man.
This war will lead to the destruction of America and its Allies for surely you have not hurt the people of lebanon and palestines but all the muslims around the world everywhere young and old our conviction in our deen is strong and we by the glory and the might of God have been given victory insha allah .

Comment Posted By ABDULLAH On 5.08.2006 @ 00:47



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