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It would be possible to do both of these *at the same time*:

- Say that the "Birthers" are completely nuts and have no argument whatsoever without responding to or understanding the arguments of any of them, and
- Point out that the MSM has consistently lied about this issue.

Moran is doing the first, but he's not doing the second for some reason. In fact, neither is anyone else. The answer is here.

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For some reason, my IP address - one used by many people - now returns a 403 when I access this page or RWN's front page. Did Moran block it, or is that a technical glitch? If the former, he's cutting off a lot of people. Now I'm using my web host's IP, hopefully that won't suffer the same fate if it's been blocked. Perhaps he could let us know.

In any case, if anyone thinks FactCheck is credible, see the comment I left over at the Atlantic:

Note that that takes you to a specific comment; if it doesn't, do a find for "Round Two". Compare what HI said to FactCheck's take on it, and you won't trust FactCheck any more.

Maybe if you read the goddamned article you'd know you were banned, idiot. And banned again.


Comment Posted By 24AheadDotCom On 22.07.2009 @ 12:50

If, unlike many, you trust Rick Moran, consider his sloppy thinking above. For instance, he says that "the state of Hawaii released" BHO's cert. In actual fact, the BHO campaign put on their website a picture of something they say they got from the state of HI. To people like Moran that doesn't matter. However, when dealing with legal issues it's the difference between night and day. The cert wasn't "released" by the issuing agency to the public, it went through the BHO campaign. Imagine, for instance, in a criminal trial that someone left evidence sitting out in the open overnight; that would be tainted.

Now, that doesn't mean that BHO tampered with the cert. However, there is that possibility. And, the state of HI has *never* verified that what's shown on BHO's sites (one of which has since disappeared off the web) matches what's on file. They've *never* verified where he was born.

There are so many holes in all the many tales told by BHO supporters that it's difficult to know where to begin. For instance, even BHO isn't clear on which hospital he was born in: he's given different locations. Snopes and WP did the same.

For the *facts* about this matter - not speculation, no tinfoil hat theories - see my coverage here:

Simply by telling the truth about this issue we can discredit dozens of MSM reporters. To do that you have to tell the truth. And, you have to ignore those like Moran who don't want you to tell the truth.



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OT: One of Insty's "emailers" is calling this site out here:

The response is easy: most of those at the rally were protesting Arnold, the CA legislature, and so on. The two radio hosts aren't libertarian loons, they just support fiscal responsibility.

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Since BHO is going to be making plenty of public appearances over the next three weeks, here's an idea: come up with a few good questions for him about this matter and then go to one of those appearances and ask him those questions. Get his response on video, and upload it to Youtube.

That way you don't have to worry about what the MSM does. If the response from BHO is "good" enough it's going to get a lot of views.

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